Symbol of good luck - four-leaf clover: its meaning, amulets and tattoos

The range of objects used as magical symbols is quite extensive.

One such symbol is the four-leaf clover. Since ancient times, this sign has been attributed the ability to bring good luck.

It was believed that the quatrefoil gives the finder a clear mind, the ability to see treasures underground and communicate with spirits. For a long time, people all over the world have believed in the sacred meaning of clover.

The Egyptians put a sign on mirrors to scare away dark forces. The Indians decorated their clothes with embroidery with a pattern of this plant.

American Indians carved these marks on rocks before hunting.

Nowadays, the clover leaf as a magical symbol is still relevant, but the instance with 4 leaves instead of the usual 3 has special meaning.

Where did this symbol come from?

There are several versions as to why the 4-leaf clover leaf began to symbolize good luck and success.

At different times, various legends arose in this regard:

  • adherents of the Christian faith believed that Eve took this plant with her during her expulsion from paradise as a reminder;
  • the Egyptians considered the symbol a “shield” from the effects of various types of spells (by drawing it on mirrors, they tried to enhance the effect of reflecting magical effects);
  • The Celtic people considered the quatrefoil to be the most powerful protection against unfriendly spirits.

BY THE WAY! Almost everywhere where this plant grows, there are beliefs about its magical properties. Expressions such as “lucky clover”, “lucky clover”, “lucky clover”, etc. are used in relation to this symbol.

What meaning do different peoples put into the four-leaf clover?

Almost all existing legends agree that finding a four-leaf specimen attracts good luck.

In this sense, this plant is a natural analogue of a horseshoe (finding which also means luck).

However, the meaning of the quatrefoil is not limited to this, and in different countries, as well as representatives of different faiths, may have their own interpretation.


Christians believe that the quatrefoil has religious significance.

There are several parallels drawn between the 4-leaf clover and Christian mythology:

  • the clover leaf was plucked and carried away by Eve from paradise during her expulsion as a reminder of happiness;
  • the shape of this leaf symbolizes the cross on which Jesus was crucified;
  • 4 plates of the sheet are identified with the 4 Gospels (Luke, Matthew, John and Mark), which are part of the New Testament.

With the spread of Christianity, corresponding myths and beliefs also spread, including those about the four-leaf plant.


Slavic tribes endowed such an anomalous leaf with magical powers.

But this applied only to the clover that was accidentally found on the night of the summer solstice and on the night of Ivan Kupala.

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Anyone who found such a leaf received a strong talisman, giving good luck in all matters, happiness in the family and wealth.

If a loving couple managed to find such a plant at the specified time, the young people had to divide it equally and eat it. It was believed that this action would strengthen love for a long time.

Ancient Egypt

As mentioned above, the Egyptians applied the quatrefoil sign to the surface of mirrors.

From their point of view, this was quite logical: mirrors were considered a door between the world of the living and the dead.

To prevent spirits from interfering in the lives of the living, the passage for them was “closed” with a special sign.

After this, looking in the mirror was considered safe, since the spirits could no longer get out and harm a person.


The Indians also revered a plant with 4 petals. The purpose of the symbol was the same as that of the Egyptians: protection from evil spirits.

For this purpose, the image of a quatrefoil was painted on buildings and embroidered on everyday items.

The Indians believed that even unfriendly spirits would not touch someone who was protected by the magical symbol of a four-leaf plant.

How to find 4-leaf clovers in nature

There are certain clearings where mutated specimens are found more often. Information about them can be found from publicly available sources. People are happy to share observations about where they saw the desired plant. If you can't find useful information, you can simply go for a walk in the wilderness. Explore green areas, groves and parks, vacant lots. If you have your own plot of land, it’s worth looking here too. Clover is found in ordinary gardens and vegetable gardens, on lawns in rural areas and cities.

How to search

Instances with 4 petals are found 10,000 times less often than usual

Clover is more common in dry, shaded areas, although it will survive where drainage is poor. Clover meadows look characteristic - it is a green carpet, on which round inflorescences of delicate flowers stand out - pink and lilac, white, sometimes green. Often other crops resembling clover grow nearby. If you happen to find a large number of specimens similar to the plant you are looking for and all with 4 leaves, this is definitely not what you need. On average, the magical variant occurs once per 10,000 regular ones.

How to find a flower in a clearing

Carefully examine the found area where the plant grows. Studying each plant is difficult and time-consuming, so it’s enough to inspect everything from above. If some part of the clearing is of interest, they look at it more closely, stop and re-read the number of petals.

If the inspection does not yield results, they bend over to the plant carpet and slowly move their palms through the thickets, concentrating on the leaves from which the hand leaves. Those that seem non-standard are checked.

Not finding what they are looking for, they spread out the leaves with their hands in search of what they want. If it seems that the required specimen has been found, first separate it from its neighbors without tearing it off and check whether there really are 4 petals. It happens that, due to its location, an ordinary clover resembles a rare one. If they managed to find at least one of the ones they were looking for, they look for similar ones nearby. The reason for 4 petals is a genetic mutation; plants with such changes grow close to each other.

What does the quatrefoil symbolize?

In modern interpretation, the symbol in the form of a clover leaf is more of a decoration than a magical object.

However, the basic meaning remains: accidentally discovering a four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck.

The image is most often used in jewelry and costume jewelry, designs on fabric and tattoos.

BY THE WAY! For decorations and accessories, not only the conventional image of a clover leaf is used, but also the natural leaf itself (for example, dried in epoxy resin).

The meaning of individual petals and species

The distinction between the plates of the clover leaf and the endowment of each with a special meaning came from the Celts.

They associated the four-leaf clover with the elements, so the meanings of the individual petals were as follows:

  • fire. This clover petal was identified with fame, fame and self-confidence;
  • water. Brings wealth and luck;
  • air. Harmonizes family life, brings good luck in love;
  • Earth. Helps to “stand firmly on your feet.” Gives good health, physical and mental.

BY THE WAY! The Celts also believed that it was impossible to specifically look for such a leaf. Only a quatrefoil found by chance could become a talisman, since in this case it seemed to find its owner.

There are also differences in semantic meaning based on the color (that is, variety) of the plant.

Thus, the red quatrefoil was widely used for making love potions; to this day it is believed that it attracts good luck in love and financial matters.

A white leaf is needed to call on the help of the elements, as well as to protect against the evil eye and damage.

Moreover, its power is so great that one leaf can protect the entire house from evil forces. For this purpose, the amulet is placed above the entrance to the home.

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Talisman coin

The power of the talisman depicted on the coin is very great. It is allowed to independently make such a talisman.

To do this, do the following:

  1. The image of a quatrefoil is minted on the obverse of the coin. You can attach a piece of paper to the coin, circle it with a marker, and then erase the marks with alcohol and cotton wool.
  2. A hole is drilled in the coin and a thread or chain is threaded through it.
  3. The amulet-pendant that brings material prosperity is ready.

The talisman brings good luck, cash income and wards off scammers and stupid waste.

What does the shamrock symbolize?

There is a version that the usual, most often found leaf with 3 plates is identified with the magical sign “triquetra”.

The latter illustrates the 3 positions of the sun in the sky, the trinity of deities in some religions, as well as the worship of certain peoples (for example, the Celts) to the number “3”.

In addition, the 3 circles of this figure are given the meaning of the 3 elements in which a person exists (air, earth and water).

The shamrock is the natural embodiment of this magical symbol.

BY THE WAY! Also, the shamrock sign has become a symbol of Ireland and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. In the Irish Christian tradition, the shamrock symbolizes the Holy Trinity (father, son and holy spirit). The four-leaf clover is also popular in Ireland and is interpreted as a symbol of good luck.

Useful properties of the plant

Clover is rich in various vitamins and microelements. The leaves and heads of plants contain a large amount of carotene, mineral components, and salicylic acid. The herb also contains flavonoids, which promote better fat metabolism in the treatment of atherosclerosis. This plant is popularly used to lower cholesterol levels and improve immunity. The culture heads contain analogues of female sex hormones called phytoestrogens. Red clover has good medicinal properties, but has contraindications. Knowing all his abilities, you can get rid of a number of diseases in a short time.

Medicinal properties of red clover:

  • relieves the inflammatory process;
  • lowers body temperature;
  • gets rid of fungus;
  • stops bleeding;
  • relieves eye fatigue.

Leafy plates have a diuretic, diaphoretic, and bactericidal effect. The plant copes well with cough.

An infusion from this culture has analgesic and choleretic properties. According to research results, it has been proven that clover leaves and flowers can tone the body, as well as remove toxins and harmful components.

Crushed clover leaves are used to heal fresh and purulent wounds. It is important that they are only picked. This will allow you to get a lot of juice, which will contain the maximum amount of useful components.

Since ancient times, it has often been used to create medicinal baths.

The essence of the flowering herb has found its purpose in homeopathy. The fresh juice of the plant was used to wash the eyes for allergies.

Four-leaf talisman in the modern world

The meaning of the four-leaf clover talisman nowadays comes down mainly to attracting good luck and protecting against the evil eye.

As already mentioned, now the quatrefoil symbol is often used in accessories made of various materials.

At the same time, a natural leaf is considered much more effective, while a simply stylized image plays the role of an ordinary decoration.

BY THE WAY! The main condition for the effective operation of the talisman is to constantly carry it with you.

Through selection, four-leaf, five-leaf, and even six-leaf clover varieties were developed.

But it is believed that a leaf purchased in a store will not “work” as a talisman, since a truly strong amulet must find its owner on its own (that is, it must be discovered by chance and in natural habitats).

By the way, five-leaf clovers are also found in nature, but they are even rarer.

Botanical description of red clover

Red clover is a biennial or perennial herbaceous plant. Belongs to the subfamily Moths (Faboideae) of the Legume family (Fabaceae).

Clover leaves are trifoliate, elliptical or ovoid in shape. They consist of 3 leaf blades fused together. Less common are palmate and four-leaf blades. The upper leaf petioles are short. The lower ones are much longer. The leaves are green in color and have a characteristic white triangle in the middle of the leaf. Trefoils grow together with the bases of the petioles.

The root system of the plant is taproot-fibrous. It is highly developed and can go into the ground to a depth of about 2 m. But, most often, most of the root system is located in the top layer of soil. Small tubers form on the roots of the plant. Most often, their appearance coincides with the appearance of the first leaves.

The stems are hollow, erect, rounded, slightly drooping or branching. Their height reaches 0.5 m. Most often, 1 plant produces several ground shoots.

Like all legumes, trefoil flowers have a unique structure. They are small and bright pink. But they can also be found in different colors, from white to dark red, and reach a length of 10 to 15 mm. The flowers are sessile, have a tubular-bell-shaped calyx and corolla. They are collected in an inflorescence that contains about 100 flowers. The inflorescences are loose and spherical in shape. Flowering time is from May to September. The plant is pollinated by various insects.

Seeds are ovoid. Their color can be different: light yellow, purple or dark red.

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The fruit is a single-seeded (less often two-seeded) bean weighing 1.5-2 g. The fruits ripen in September - November.

Based on its growth temperature, trefoil can be classified as a frost-resistant plant. Can grow in dark places and is relatively shade-tolerant.

In most cases, red clover reproduces only by seeds. But there are some plant species that can also reproduce by rooting shoots and dividing them.

For best growth, abundant watering is necessary, but waterlogging the soil will negatively affect growth.

Where and how is the talisman used?

The basic rule is that the talisman should always be close to the owner.

That is why, for reasons of convenience, the most common forms of such amulet are jewelry or tattoos.

A clover pendant, for example, on a bracelet, is made of precious metals (silver, gold), as well as in the form of jewelry made of less expensive materials (beads, glass, steel, etc.).

Four-leaf clover pendants can also be made from natural material - dried and epoxy-embedded or glass-encased four-leaf clovers.

A clover pendant is the most convenient way to wear it constantly, since this way it comes into closest contact with the wearer.

A pendant in the shape of a four-leaf clover is made in the same way as pendants.

Rings are also very popular, either in the form of a signet, decorated with a four-leaf clover, or with a corresponding ornament.

Bracelets decorated with quatrefoils are also on sale.

Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

A four-leaf clover tattoo is another way of wearing a magical symbol closer to the body.

For a tattoo, color execution is important, this way it will “work” more effectively, since the resemblance to the “original” will increase.

The location of such a design is not so important: the tattoo can be on the arm, leg, or other parts of the body.

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There are combinations of this symbol and other images, for example, a horseshoe.

This allows the tattoo to double its function of attracting good luck.

The meaning of a shamrock tattoo is somewhat different in meaning: basically, such a design has a religious meaning. In addition, it is a symbol of Ireland.

For men

The quatrefoil as a tattoo for men has power mainly in terms of attracting good luck and success.

This tattoo is suitable for careerists, entrepreneurs, as well as those with an adventurous and courageous character.

The four-leaf symbol also helps to attract financial well-being, achieve career heights and gain recognition in society.

For women

Women, as a rule, tattoo a stylized image of a four-leaf symbol of good luck on their body to attract the attention of the opposite sex and success in love affairs.

Clover tattoos on the wrist for girls are especially popular.

Owners of a four-leaf body pattern not only enjoy increased interest from men, but also maintain long-term, harmonious relationships with their lover.

How to use clover to attract good luck

Clover with 4 petals is a powerful magical amulet . Sunny clearings of bushes with regular leaves or greenhouses specially oriented for breeding are places where four-leaf clovers grow. Such a plant is rare, so there are specially bred varieties where such representatives are found much more often than usual (for example, Quadrifolium, Good Luck). Also, many sellers sell ready-made pots with such bushes.

However, esotericists note that the magic of clover will only work if you find it yourself, and not buy a specially bred one.

It is also believed that the magical properties will manifest themselves more strongly if you do not search intentionally, but accidentally come across this unique plant.

Amulets imitating clover will also be effective, but the effect of real leaves will be much more pronounced. They are used live and dried, prepared as potions, eaten, placed between pieces of glass or in special small bottles, filled with epoxy resin, poured into bags or scattered in the wind.

The basic rule of use is to keep the leaf as close to yourself or your home as possible (if the amulet is designed to protect your family or home).

The following options for using clover with 4 plates and amulets with it can be noted:

  1. Place it under the insole of your shoes, this will bring your meeting with your betrothed closer;
  2. Wrap in a piece of blue fabric and wear close to the skin if you need to get rid of the effects of stress, depression, bad thoughts;
  3. To attract cash flows, place a live or dried leaf in a wallet;
  4. Rise at dawn to the highest point of the village, tear off and release each leaf to its own side of the world to attract the power of the elements (1st petal to the north, 2nd to the south, 3rd to the east and 4th to the west);
  5. Add dried leaves to food or tea to attract good luck and maintain health;
  6. Dry and place in a fabric bag that you carry with you everywhere to attract success and attention of the opposite sex;
  7. Wrap in any clean fabric of a light shade and place it near the threshold of the apartment (under the baseboard if possible), or place it under the porch if it is a private house, this will protect the family from troubles and preserve the home from the influence of evil forces;
  8. Place between pieces of glass, in a bottle or epoxy resin, hang over the entrance to the apartment as a talisman against the evil eye and damage;
  9. Dry it and place it inside a jewelry pendant, wear it around the neck, this will preserve health and give longevity to the owner;
  10. Divide in half with your chosen one and eat to preserve the relationship for many years.

It will help you catch luck and save yourself, a home from the evil eye and an artificial talisman with a clover having 4 petals . This can be jewelry made of silver or gold (brooches, pendants, beads), jewelry with enamel or painting.

Embroidery on clothes, drawings or engravings on the wall, wallpaper with a clover pattern, and decorative items depicting this plant also have magical properties. A popular option is applying a tattoo (permanent or henna-based) .

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