Meaning and interpretation of the runic symbol Nautiz

Rune Nautiz basic meaning and interpretation

The Nautiz rune is associated with pain, need, and irresistible desire. She is frighteningly gloomy. But from the perspective of human overcoming and self-development, everything seems not so sad.

When troubles, tragic events, great losses happen along the path of life and it seems that the dark streak will never end, it is worth constantly encouraging yourself. In such difficult situations, character is formed and willpower is strengthened.

In the future, such tests will be the main reason for the big rise. Looking back, you will see that without a certain sad event in life there would not have been a stunning success. Fate is a game of overcoming difficulties.

In difficult life situations, when objects fall out of your hands, troubles follow you at every step, you cannot fall into hysterics, fight like a fish on ice, or waste precious energy. At such moments, it is worth gathering your willpower and asking yourself: “What am I doing wrong?” You should look carefully at what the Nautiz rune means in a particular case.

Although the characteristics of this symbol are not particularly rosy, they are not deadly either. The rune does not speak of hopelessness and the absence of a way out of the trap at all. It only blocks many paths and choices, directing you along a single path. Following this direction, a person passes a certain test and strengthens his character.

When the painful symbol of the Elder Futarch appears in the situation, you should not be saddened in advance. The rune says that it is necessary to focus on solving the problem, gain strength and patience, and look inside yourself.

If in fortune telling the sign is not surrounded by ominous symbols, then there is no need to be afraid. The streak of troubles will pass. But you will have to overcome some obstacles.

Direct position of the Nautiz rune

The Nautiz rune in this position indicates a difficult current situation in life. During such a period, a person’s destiny is controlled by higher powers and nothing depends on him.

The fortuneteller is driven into certain limits, beyond which it is almost impossible to go. It is especially difficult for people who are accustomed to doing everything their own way, to control themselves and others, to experience such a situation.

The appearance of this symbol in a lover’s fortune telling indicates that love will overtake him. Also in runic interpretations there are descriptions telling about the presence of special human talents and great creative potential. Interpretations about supernatural abilities are associated with them.

Reversed position of the Nautiz rune

The inverted rune Nautiz always tells that at this period of life it is better not to think about a new business, as it will end in failure. Any undertaking will not bear fruit. You should stop in time and think about what is happening in order to correct the error in a timely manner. You should forget about the new project forever, because it will not bring anything good.

If the inverted position (pp.) of the symbol appears at the moment when a person has already begun his plan, is not at the beginning of the path, but already in the middle, he should urgently save what he has left. Otherwise, there is a risk of being left with nothing.

In such a difficult period of life, one should not lose heart or commit rash actions. You can read about the combination of this sign in fortune telling with other runes in this article.

Nautiz in a mirror position warns against wrong decisions. It is necessary to put aside ambitions and perseverance, and act carefully.

Features of using the Nautiz rune

During classes we work in a magic circle, influencing the situation of each participant with a rune.

Assignment for the workshop: “What do you need?” Adequately, when a person says what he needs to do, then we cast a spell with the rune in such a way as to motivate him more, so that he still does it. For example: “I need to do the cleaning, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.” With Nautiz we literally bewitch a person to clean - and he does it easily and freely. But some girls have the following request: “I would like to get married.” But Nautiz intensifies the need. From the influence of this rune, the girl will want to get married more strongly and be more inclined to move in the direction of her dreams. For the Nautiz rune to help, you need to be ready to do something.

Nautiz can be used to ensure that those who need you find you. Somewhere there are people who cannot live without what you offer; you conduct Nautiz in a certain way, and they find you and are very happy. These are clients or partners.

Nautiz - rune of dependence

All dependencies are based on this rune: love, or rather what people call love: “I can’t live without you, I need you”; as well as addictions to alcohol, gambling, computers, etc.

A person “climbs into a bottle” is a strong, concentrated, but not harmonious Nautiz. In this case, Nautiz needs to be switched to something else: from drinking to work or to his wife. In binge alcoholics, Nautiz uncontrollably switches between work and vodka. They are excellent workers when they are not on a bender. But they can go on a binge at any moment. Nautiz switches from what is to what is possible. You feel affection and transfer it to another object. It's not difficult and can be done in one session.

The girl complained that her man played computer games all the time. She was asked:

-What should I switch it to?

“On me,” she answered.

Switched. And after a while she complains that he still sits at the computer all day long, but something has changed: as soon as she comes into the house, he immediately turns off the computer and communicates with her all evening. That's right, that's how it works. She asked to switch over to herself. If we had switched his Nautiz to work, the result might have been different. With such exposure, the addiction itself does not disappear, the object of addiction simply changes.

Nautiz as an element of the group of beer runes

These are three runes: Uruz, Nautiz, Berkana. If a person drinks beer and Uruz happens to him, then he goes to fight. “There are no ugly women, only too little vodka” is Berkana’s slogan. And Nautiz is philosophizing on the meaning of life.

Two hamsters are sitting under the warm September sun, and one asks the other:

-Tell me, brother, what is the meaning of life?

He thought a second time and said:

-Do you remember last year? There is a drought, the forest is burning, there is nothing to eat, the foxes are hungry, we are hungry. We scurried all autumn and winter to survive! And they didn’t look for the meaning of life. It turns out that there was this meaning then? But now... We are safe, there are no foxes, people are not bothering us, there is a lot of food and we have already collected supplies for the whole winter. Life is the way! But we are looking for meaning. It turns out that we lost him?

The meaning of the Nautiz rune in fortune telling for business and work

If the Nautiz rune came in its literal meaning, then it means caution. When decisions about new contracts, deals, projects are at stake, the rune does not indicate the need to stop and cross out life irrevocably. It only suggests that it is worth considering whether the right decision was made, whether the movement is going in the right direction. Correct interpretation of the sign will help you avoid the big dead end into which rash decisions push you.

The business, which has recently been in a state of stagnation, requires the investment of fresh ideas and new forces into it. The company will need an updated system for managing all matters, changing the old order.

It is quite possible that the reason for this situation is the lack of modern technologies and new powerful equipment. In such a case, it is necessary to seek investments that give a powerful impetus to the process. Sitting with folded hands is tantamount to death.

It would not be superfluous to re-count all valuables. Thanks to this, it is easy to identify a dishonest person, because of whom the company cannot escape from the trap. Not only is it unpleasant to deal with dishonest people, but the risk of financial loss also increases.

Rune Nautiz (pp.) talks about minor difficulties on the career path. Fatigue will become a hindrance, then rest will help you to escape from pressing problems. Some factors beyond the employee’s control may hinder advancement.

The meaning of straight and inverted runes

In its literal meaning, the sign promises changes for the worse, suffering, illness and disruption of harmony, which will be difficult to resist. Nautiz precedes loss and decline - both material and spiritual. Recovering what has been lost is either difficult or impossible. The main irritant in this situation is the outside world, so a person will not be able to influence events on his own. The best way out is to calmly accept new conditions and find a way to continue to exist without coming into conflict with magical forces, to adapt.

Expert opinion

Marianna Bronvich

Runes are my life, I am happy to share my knowledge with you.

The inverted rune Nautiz diverts the source of negativity towards the owner, and not the surrounding world. A person himself, without meaning to, harms himself and destroys the balance. You can solve the problem if you understand your emotions and desires.

Analogue in Slavic Futhark

Among the Slavic signs, the rune Need has a description similar to the Scandinavian symbol. Its influence lives up to its name. A person may need something. Unlike Nautiz, Need does not always have only a negative interpretation. Need can manifest itself in a positive way.

Higher knowledge: Runes of the Elder and Younger Scandinavian Futhark, alphabet structure

An inverted symbol means a conscious renunciation of needs. The consequences can be either positive or negative, depending on the context. Using this rune without specifications leads to unpredictable consequences.

Use in magic

In rituals, the Naud rune is used to force adaptation to difficult conditions if it is drawn on the nails or skin of the hands. Such use may make you feel uncomfortable, but the runic sign will allow the wearer to survive damage, the evil eye or curse, illness and other adversities of fate. Nautiz is used in its pure form mainly by dark sorcerers who are not afraid to sacrifice their energy.

Rune advice and warning

When a person experiences the effect of Nautiz, he needs a sufficient amount of willpower to ignore adversity and hardship in order to find the strength to move on. As soon as the wearer gives in to despondency, the number of his problems will increase.

When using the rune in an inverted position, you need to take control of your fears and desires in order to make the right decision and no longer get into trouble because of personal passions.

What are amulets and talismans with this symbol used for?

An amulet with the Nautiz rune depicted has the same meaning as the image on the skin. It is noted that the effect of the talisman is milder than that of a pattern on the skin, since the first case is not associated with self-harm, and the material of the amulet plays the role of a buffer. A talisman with a Scandinavian symbol or a bunch will help you get through a difficult period in life, experiencing fewer consequences and internal changes than without a talisman. If you make an amulet manually and activate it with several elements, the positive effect will increase, and the side effects will not be felt so much.

Do you wear amulets or talismans?

Not really

The meaning of Nautiz in fortune telling for relationships and love

This symbol is not easy in many ways and ways. Nautiz in love also does not bode well. The rune speaks of a certain crisis, stagnation in the relationship between lovers. It can be:

  • lack of interest on the part of one of the partners;
  • domestic scandals and disagreements;
  • a mental wound that gives no rest;
  • disappointment in the chosen one.

We are talking about excessive restraint and restrictions in relationships. Often, it is not the fault of love partners. In this situation, there is a calculation of the situation, excessive caution. One of the two halves of the union arrives in a stressful state, which is why true feelings are suppressed.

There can be many reasons. The Nautiz rune does not appear when a relationship is doomed and cannot be saved. Rather, it tells the story that a strong union requires dedicated work on both sides.

First of all, they identify the cause of the conflict, which manifests itself in completely different ways. Try and work to overcome difficulties. And you can find out more about fortune telling for love here.

The inverted position of Nautiz indicates the overly persistent nature of one of the parties to the relationship. The fortuneteller greatly injures and offends the other partner.

What does Nautiz mean when divining health?

In fortune telling about human health, the meaning of Nautiz indicates problems with physiology. It is necessary to carefully consider the signs sent by fate and listen to your inner voice. In the absence of external symptoms, the presence of a problem should not be denied. In such a case, it is better to undergo a general examination of important organs and systems of the body.

If a person is already suffering from some kind of illness, this symbol in combination with positive signs speaks of future healing. But this will not happen soon.

The patient requires special attention and care. He can't be left alone. You should constantly monitor the slightest changes in symptoms and behavior. Bedridden patients deserve special treatment; their slightest complaints should not be ignored. Sometimes it is necessary to seek help from medical or social workers to ensure proper care. It is not recommended to ignore this message.

The Nautiz rune in an inverted state always tells the patient about a deteriorating health situation. But the loss of strength occurs not through the fault of the doctors, but because of the patient’s incorrect behavior.

Often the truth is hidden from family and friends in order not to traumatize them. As a result of deterioration on the face. Hidden factors may affect the body.

Combination of the Nautiz rune with other runes

The signs that appear nearby will help you correctly interpret the hint from higher powers contained in the Nautiz rune.

  • Algiz means an adventure or a risky event.
  • Ansuz - anticipates the commission of a political murder.
  • Gebo – recommends not refusing to help your neighbor.
  • Vunyo - predicts failure in the business sphere.
  • Wird - broadcasts about danger, protects from temptations.
  • Dagaz - warns about arrest for an offense.
  • Berkan - predicts loss of money, deception on the part of a partner or colleagues.
  • Isa - indicates long-term adversity.
  • Yera - uncontrollable desires, lusts.
  • Inguz - means the presence of hidden fears.
  • Laguz - reports failure, failure, triumph of competitors.
  • Kenaz means that the union is unsuccessful and has no prospects.
  • Mannaz - speaks of a conflict of international significance.
  • Teyvaz - speaks of defeat.
  • Turisaz - predicts a global disaster - the result of incorrect unbridled actions.
  • Odin - symbolizes secret doubts, regrets, lost energy.
  • Raido - warns of problems in your personal life due to the imposed crown of celibacy.
  • Soulu - predicts separation.
  • Hagalaz means ruin, divorce, need.
  • Fehu - indicates a magician or psychic.
  • Uruz means the presence of a love spell or evil eye.
  • Eyvaz - warns about the alleged murder.
  • Perth - signals excessive suspiciousness, a tendency to self-examination.
  • Evaz - warns against violence.

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How is Nautiz used in magic?

The Nautiz rune is used in magic for the following purposes:

  • protection from other people's magical influence;
  • containment of emotional flow;
  • blocking aggression.

The strongest is the rune of coercion. It is necessary to draw in the center what is being forced to do. Place the Nautiz runes around. In most cases, two pieces on the sides are enough. Thanks to the correct layout, the caster forces the victim to come or leave, or to perform a certain action. A love spell also refers to magical actions, since a person is forced to fall in love with someone specific. A connection is achieved by combining other runes with Nautiz.

Also, thanks to the Nautiz rune, they get rid of various addictions: alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction.

Why do you need an amulet with the Nautiz rune?

An amulet with the Nautiz symbol allows a person to learn the philosophy of life. It fills the owner with the ability to know, distinguish between good and evil, and endows him with wisdom. The rune symbolizes that life is full of hardships.

The path along which a person walks is thorny, and the sky above his head is not always cloudless. But this is why man is given difficulties, so that he learns to cope with them.

The influence of the material on the ancient amulet:

AshThe amulet will be very powerful. It is sacred to the ancient Scandinavians.
MapleIt will remove unnecessary tension and help cope with aggression. It will bring a feeling of harmony to the soul.
OakSymbolizes firmness and resilience in the face of life's adversities.
PineWill give strength and self-confidence. Will help you cope with life's difficulties.

For those who are ready to follow the path that fate has prepared for them, to submit, the Nautiz amulet is suitable.

Is it possible to get a tattoo with the Nautiz rune?

Not the best solution is to get a tattoo with the Nautiz symbol. After all, not everyone wants to live their entire life in need. Restrictions will follow everywhere whoever decides to put a sign on his body.

Anyone who knows the meaning of this symbol well should not brand himself with the Nautiz rune for life. Each person’s relationship with runes is purely individual. And no one can predict the consequences of these actions.

If a person decides to test his strength and wants to survive the trials of fate, it is better to start by applying the symbol to the body using washable paints. For example, they use henna.

Use in magic

Nautiz is used in witchcraft for the following purposes:

  • protection from magical influences;
  • casting curses and damage aimed at suppressing the will of a person;
  • love spells used to achieve sexual affection;
  • achieving restraint;
  • preventing diseases, especially poisoning and gastrointestinal problems.

The rune is applied to various talismans. They are recommended for use by people who are trying to get rid of these types of addictions: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Often for such purposes it is combined with the Isa rune.

Using a symbol as a protector from evil spirits, you should follow all the rules. Otherwise, there is a risk of being isolated from society. The rune is also carried with oneself during a difficult period for a person. It will help you endure difficulties easier.

Rune of the day Nautiz

The main characteristics of this symbol are constraint, need, limitation. In any position, be it upright or inverted, Nautiz is an unkind sign. It foreshadows the need to act under compulsion.

The main task of the sign is to indicate areas that stop development and growth. The rune of the day indicates the importance of inner work and spiritual growth. It is necessary to identify the factors that attract trouble and unhappiness.

By the way, restraint and self-control in any relationship will become a must. Before the final jump, you should once again think carefully about what is happening, and do not rush into action.

It is not without reason that difficult events fall on a person during this period. Tests are given to rethink your own strengths and to increase them.

During this period, it is better not to act, but to reflect. It is necessary to move away from the everyday bustle and find yourself in the world of spirituality.

In this way, tension is relieved in order to withstand the further journey. The confluence of events at this difficult moment does not contribute to self-realization. You can tell your fortune by the rune of the day online here.

Analogue of the rune in Slavic culture

The symbol of inevitability and fate - the Need rune - is an analogue of Nautiz among the Slavs. This is a sign of hellfire, bringing suffering to all who deserve it.

In Slavic culture, the meaning of the Need rune is associated with Veles or Viy, the patron saint of Navi. A powerful fire symbol is aimed at creating moral devastation, shackles, and a feeling of hopelessness.

In the image, the Slavic Need looks like a vertical line with a small downward pointing line. This line originates just below the top point.

Questions for meditation on Nautiz

For those who want to find answers to their questions, Nautiz is a good assistant. You need to put the symbol in front of you, clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and ask yourself:

  1. Why is it impossible to come to terms with the current situation?
  2. What is the source of anger and aggression?
  3. Is there a need for this or that value?
  4. Is there another pattern of behavior that leads to success?
  5. What to do to distract yourself?
  6. What to do until the end of the dark streak comes?

Asking yourself the right question is one of the right steps towards brighter times.

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