Signs and superstitions about roses. Is it possible to give 9, 10, 13, 15, 50 or another number of roses? What do yellow, red and white buds mean?

Roses are not just a nice gift. With their help, you can talk and confess your deepest feelings. This type of flower is the most popular way to communicate with a bouquet. A bouquet of these flowers will be appropriate for any occasion. But in order to be understood correctly, it is important to find out how many colors and which color is better to choose.

It is customary to use an odd number of roses in bouquets, but this rule is not always applied. Bouquets of fifty or one hundred times are possible - in this case the even number does not matter.

One rose symbolizes a modest declaration of love. Three – open confession of deep feelings. Five - a wish of good luck and happiness, suitable for both a beloved and a holiday gift. Seven flowers in a bouquet mean admiration and respect; such a bouquet is called “mother’s.” It can be presented to both the wife and mother. Nine colors will emphasize how important the meeting is for you. Eleven roses are a symbol of the unfading feelings of the spouses. Thirteen is a wish for happiness, but it is better not to give such a bouquet to the superstitious. Fifteen flowers mean deep affection, a good gift for a birthday.

Bouquet of 25 roses

A gift in the form of a bouquet of 25 roses means a declaration of love. A bouquet of 25 white roses speaks of pure and intimate love. A bouquet of 25 red roses speaks of passionate and ardent love. If you have not decided on your feelings, then you can combine both colors.

Bouquet of 25 roses “Play of imagination”

25 Ecuadorian roses in white and burgundy. The height of the roses is 40 cm. The decoration is paid additionally.

Price: 2667 RUR.


Bouquet of 25 roses “Moon” 40 cm

Bouquet of 25 white Ecuadorian roses. The higher the height of the roses in the bouquet, the larger the buds, the richer and more presentable the bouquet looks.

Price: 2667 RUR.


Roses and the meanings of their shades when giving

The color of roses and their meaning are closely related. The flower language was formed many centuries ago, but has since undergone a number of changes. This is due to the fact that previously there were only basic shades of fragrant plants - white, scarlet, yellow. Thanks to the painstaking and complex work of breeders, flowers of a wide variety of, sometimes very unusual, shades are grown today, each of them has its own meaning.

Roses are the most delicate creations of nature, a symbol of beauty and eternal love.

Additional Information! When giving roses, you need to take into account not only their color, but also the shape of the buds, the number and type of flowers.

Bouquet of 17 roses

As an exception to the rule, bouquets of seventeen roses are made. It is believed that such a number of flowers should be presented only on special occasions: for an anniversary, on a wedding day or anniversary. Such a bouquet is symbolic if you want to make peace with your loved one after a quarrel.

Bouquet of 17 roses “Vera”

Bouquet of 17 white Ecuadorian roses of the "Mondial" variety. In the picture, the height of the roses is 60 cm. The price is for roses 40 cm high. You can change the height in the product options. The free design includes only plastic tape.

Price: 1813 RUR.


Bouquet of 17 roses "Nadezhda"

Bouquet of 17 burgundy Ecuadorian roses. The price is for 40 cm roses. The free bouquet design includes only plastic ribbon.

Price: 1813 RUR.


Bouquet of 17 roses “Optima”

17 Ecuador roses of different colors at the discretion of the florist, Ruscus - 11 pcs., plastic ribbon. The price is for roses 40 cm.

Price: 2160 RUR.


Salmon - desire and excitement

Since salmon is a little more pink than orange, roses in this gorgeous shade can be a suitable choice when you want to tell someone how you really feel about desire and excitement. These roses are vibrant and unique, making them a great option for your soulmates.

Bouquet of 3 roses

The three flowers represent faith, hope and love. Often such a bouquet is presented as a sign of respect to a friend, colleague or boss. If it is given to a loved one, then three flowers in a bouquet should be interpreted as a strong feeling for the giver.

Bouquet of 25 roses “Impulse”

Rose Ecuador creamy pink - 25 pcs., decor - ribbon. Roses height 40 cm.

Price: 2400 RUR.


Bouquet “Island of Fire”

Pink rose Ecuador - 11 pcs., plastic ribbon.

Price: 1056 RUR.


Yellow - friendship

Bright and cheerful yellow is one of the happiest shades of roses. The yellow hue seems to say: “You are a wonderful friend.” However, if you are in a romantic relationship, it is best to stay away from yellow as some people claim that it represents jealousy and infidelity.

Bouquet of 5 roses

Five flowers are very appropriate to present to the object of love who is not yet aware of your feelings. If you order a bouquet for delivery to your home or office, then your action will be the most advantageous option when conquering your loved one.

Bouquet "Ariel"

Pink rose Ecuador 40 cm - 15 pcs., kraft paper - 1 pc., satin ribbon. The shade of pink roses may vary.

Price: 1680 RUR.


Lavender - love and charm

Lavender is a less common color than pink or red, making it the perfect color to express your special love. Lavender color is considered rare and exquisite. This means that it is you who are thinking about the person to whom you are giving such flowers. Expressing charm, grandeur and splendor, lavender roses will make your beloved feel like a real queen.

Bouquet of 7 roses

The next step in the relationship will be the gift of a bouquet of seven flowers. The touching moments of a marriage proposal will be decorated with a gift in the form of such a composition.

Bouquet of 7 roses “Raspberry”

Bouquet of 7 classic red Ecuadorian roses (Freedom variety). The bouquet is decorated with plastic ribbon.

Price: 1045 RUR.


Bouquet of 7 roses “Pink Panther”

Bouquet of 7 deep pink Ecuadorian roses 50 cm. The bouquet is decorated with plastic ribbon.

Price: 941 RUR.


Bouquet of 7 roses “Penelope”

Bouquet of 7 Ecuadorian white roses 50 cm, tied with a white plastic ribbon.

Price: 1045 RUR.


Cream - thoughtfulness

While white is often considered the color of innocence, cream has a more subtle meaning. Cream roses symbolize charm and care. They are the perfect way to tell someone you are thinking about them. Whether you want to thank someone for something special or simply make them smile, cream roses make a great gift.

Bouquet of 9 roses

Nine is the traditional number of roses, chrysanthemums or other beautiful flowers that should be chosen for a gift to a friend or colleague. Traditionally, this composition is usually given as a birthday gift, on the eighth of March, to all representatives of the fair sex: relatives, colleagues or friends.

Bouquet “Muse”

Yellow rose - 9 pcs., bergras, felt, plastic ribbon. Roses height 50 cm.

Price: 1680 RUR.


Bouquet “Tenderness”

Rose Ecuador - 9 pcs., Alstroemeria - 7 pcs., Lotus - 3 pcs., Eucalyptus - 2 pcs., Limmonium - 1 pc., Aspidistra - 3 pcs., matte film, satin ribbon.

Price: 3795 RUR.


Why does a guy or man present roses of different colors?

Licorice flower (Lycoris) - the meaning of the plant in various cultures

When choosing a flower arrangement, not everyone thinks about what a rose of a certain shade means. Many guys act on instinct, guided by generally accepted standards and their own taste. Girls are more attentive in this regard and want to see the secret meaning in everything. In this regard, you need to carefully approach the choice of colors and know the designation of each shade.

Red roses

Red flowers carry the following meaning:

  • passion;
  • the desire to possess the desired object immediately;
  • deep affection;
  • the highest and strongest feelings.

Other characters:

  • family happiness;
  • cosiness;
  • blood shed in battle, the memory of those who are no longer alive.

Roses of this color are usually placed on monuments, memorials, and worn in cemeteries.

Dark, burgundy shade:

  • magnetism;
  • attraction;
  • extreme connection and feeling;
  • respect, admiration.

Flowers of this shade are usually presented to older women. They are ideal for mothers and grandmothers, good friends, but you shouldn’t give such flowers only to female bosses or colleagues, because... the donor may be misunderstood.

Scarlet inflorescences like blood leave no one indifferent

The crimson color of the rose has neutral meanings. They are suitable for those occasions when you want to express gratitude and appreciation.

Additional Information! Dark, rich burgundy roses, almost black in shade, will mean sadness, condolences, and loss.


Roses of different colors in every culture can carry opposite meanings. In Russia, snow-white shades can mean:

  • innocence;
  • purity of intentions;
  • youth;
  • loyalty;
  • sincerity;
  • transparency of plans and actions;
  • unity of views.

In the CIS countries, snow-white tones are often presented to newlyweds. In Europe, such flowers have a slightly different meaning. Snow-white roses are considered neutral among Europeans; they are given to colleagues or strangers. They are often included in business compositions, which is not customary to do in the CIS countries.


The meaning of pink roses is multifaceted. These flowers are considered the most exquisite and delicate. Due to the variety of shades, color transitions and inclusions, they are often used to dilute and complement monochromatic floral arrangements. A collection of pink flowers can mean the following:

  • sympathy;
  • nascent love feelings;
  • tenderness;
  • Gratitude;
  • Delight.

Delicate petals symbolize elegance and courtesy, politeness and courtesy.

Affectionate petals in the color of a flamingo's wing symbolize the kindest and most sincere feelings

Additional Information! You need to select pink flowers for the occasion depending on their shade. Bright and cherry tones are a sign of gratitude. Delicate and light shades are suitable for expressing sympathy.


Sun-colored inflorescences are suitable for a wide variety of occasions. The opinion that sunny petals are a sign of sadness is not true. Cases when golden flowers would be most appropriate:

  • Celebrating shared achievements with the recipient.
  • A sign of reconciliation between two lovers.
  • An expression of admiration, even admiration.
  • As a family composition to show the sweetness and regularity of marriage.

Other meanings:

  • activity;
  • friendship;
  • love of freedom;
  • care;
  • pride;
  • success.

Golden compositions are ideal for both a friend and a work colleague. Cream flowers are a sign of stability, permanence, elegance and tenderness. As a gift, they are suitable for a married couple with a strong and long marriage.

The negative attitude towards golden roses and their association with partings is explained by an ancient legend. It says that the snow-white flowers that the homewrecker was holding in her hands suddenly acquired a bright sunny hue. Catherine the Great introduced this shade into the flower language as a sign of separation and sadness. But in the modern language of flowers they have acquired a completely different meaning.

Golden inflorescences delight with their warmth, as if they have absorbed all the rays of the sun


If you want to express your love at first sight, you need to give beautiful orange roses. Fiery petals symbolize ardent and hot passion. Majesty and pride are demonstrated through the fiery color.

Peach shade is a symbol of gratitude and the most sincere, warm feelings.

Blue or lilac

Blue roses as such do not exist in nature. They are grown from light-colored varieties by adding dye to the water when watering. Thanks to this, the petals gradually acquire the desired color. Flowers of an unusual blue hue were often mentioned in literature as a symbol of something unrealizable. Now they are associated with the fulfillment of the wildest desires.

The unusual shade of the petals is not a gift of nature, but the work of man

Atypical purple and lilac roses are a sign of loyalty to one's ideals, success and determination. This is an ideal gift for men, especially those serving in the military. Another case when such flowers are worth presenting is if you want to hint about your sympathy and express hope for reciprocal feelings.

The most unusual in tone are black roses, which are actually dark burgundy. The color black is associated with grief and mourning. But in the language of flowers, such roses can be interpreted differently. This is a sign of efficiency, new beginnings, strength and spiritual rebirth.

Note! Compositions of black inflorescences are appropriate to present to business partners and to decorate rooms for official and business meetings with them.


Thanks to the painstaking work of breeders, the color range of modern garden queens is extremely wide, so answering the question of what color roses are is quite difficult. There are even flowers with soft green petals - they are very unusual, attractive and incredibly beautiful.

The grass-colored inflorescences are extremely attractive and very delicate

Herbaceous and olive-colored inflorescences are not very suitable as a symbol of love and passion. These flowers denote fertility, success and generosity, stability and abundance. This is an ideal choice for congratulating colleagues and management; they can be presented as business gifts.

Bouquet of 11 roses

Eleven flowers are also considered a symbol of friendship. Roses are often given in such quantities for a wedding anniversary, because a bouquet of roses given to a married couple symbolizes a long, happy family life. A husband should please his beloved wife with eleven roses on any holiday.

Bouquet "Elegance" 11 roses

Rose “Freedom” - 11 pcs., gypsophila - 3 pcs., ruscus - 8 pcs., sisal, satin ribbon. Roses height 50 cm.

Price: 3342 RUR.


Bouquet “I want to go to Hollywood”

Bouquet of red roses (11 pcs.), orange spray roses (3 pcs.), white and green spray chrysanthemums (6 pcs.), white alstroemeria (2 pcs.), red gerbera (1 pc.). Greenery in the bouquet: solidago, aspidistra and pittosporum. Packing: jute, satin ribbon.

Price: 3723 RUR.


Bouquet of 11 roses “Paris-Manhattan”

Kenyan pink rose premium 50 cm – 11 pcs, greenery (bergrass, other can be used), packaging - felt (may vary), ribbon.

Price: 1350 RUR.


Orange – passion, desire and enthusiasm

Red roses represent deep love, and yellow roses represent friendship. Orange is a combination of these two colors, so think of orange as the bridge between red and yellow. Showcasing passion, energy and charm, these vibrant flowers hint to your partner that you want to take your friendship to the next level.

Additional Tips

These rules regarding the language of flowers and their number in a bouquet apply to all flowers, not just roses.

Remember that your gifts should not be unilateral. If you please your girlfriend with a bouquet, then she should also please you with something. Many guys simply don’t understand that love should be mutual, and they give flowers. They do it because it's the custom. Therefore, if your girlfriend tells you in plain text that she wants flowers, it’s time for you to think about it. Either she really pleases you more often than you do her, or it’s time for you to end your relationship. Perhaps all she wants from you is flowers.

How many flowers do little girls get? Is it worth giving them at all? Definitely worth it. The optimal number is 1, 3 or 5 roses. Little girls, of course, do not need to give huge bouquets. However, even one flower can lift their spirits.

There is one little trick for students or people who are not in the best financial situation. In most cases, the girl rejoices at the very fact that she was given flowers. Accordingly, there is practically no difference if she is given 1 flower or 5. Of course, it is much more pleasant to hold a large bouquet, but this does not play a big role. If a girl is decent, she will be happy with just one flower. And if he reproaches you for not being enough, think about whether you need such a mercantile person?

Giving flowers is a rather banal act. If you do this too often, the girl may get used to it, and she will no longer be pleased with your bouquets. Therefore, it is periodically necessary to arrange unusual surprises for her. Be unpredictable. This is what will make your relationship brighter and happier!

Queen of Flowers

There has been a legend in India since time immemorial. God Vishnu found a beautiful little stranger who was sleeping in a cradle made of roses. He kissed her and woke her up. She turned into the most beautiful girl Vishnu had ever met. This beauty, the embodiment of grace and charm, became his wife and patroness of abundance, good luck and happiness. Until now, at a wedding, the groom gives the bride a rose, and in return receives her heart.

The language of flowers came to us from the East. Each flower in it carries a secret meaning. And a rose almost always means one thing - love. There are so many colors of roses, so many shades of love they express. A. Fet called the young mistress of the garden “Silent, lush and pure.”

Bouquet for a wedding in Ancient Rus' and today

In Rus', it was customary for the groom to collect a bouquet for the bride himself. It is unknown whether he counted flowers at the same time. He was looking for exactly those flowers that would tell about his feelings and desires. The bride, having received this gift, did not part with it all day. Looking into each flower, she tried not only to understand what her betrothed expected from her in later life, but also to recognize their detailed meaning. The number of flowers in the bouquet may have played a role. But today we don’t know this for sure.

Young people who have just submitted an application to the registry office very often come to the flower shop. They often bring photographs of luxurious bouquets and ask you to do the same. Or they bring scraps. In both cases, it is much easier for florists to create a beautiful bouquet by ordering the most suitable and fresh flowers. Everything matters here: the number of flowers in the bouquet, their color (matching the dress or contrasting), the very size of the bouquet, which we most often make on a porta bouquet maker, so that it does not fade during the entire long wedding day and remains for some time in the newlyweds’ house .

Green - new beginning

Most people believe that all green roses are colored, but this is actually not the case. Green roses began to grow naturally in 1743. According to some sources, they are the oldest roses in the world. But here's the thing: true, undyed green roses don't actually have petals, just green sepals. Since green is the color of growth, these flowers may serve a specific purpose. Green is the color of life, abundance and rejuvenation. Green roses are a wonderful celebration of good news and new beginnings.

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