An iridescent rainbow of clear minerals - 14 colorless stones

The ability to understand precious and semi-precious stones will help you feel more confident when buying jewelry, not succumb to the persuasion of a dubious seller who is trying to pass off an inexpensive stone as a more valuable one, and will allow you to choose a product that is suitable for your zodiac sign. Studying articles on gemology and personal experience will allow you to conduct an initial diagnosis of a pebble in jewelry, even without special devices.

Gemology – the science of precious stones and the quality of jewelry

If you don’t want to buy a piece of glass for the price of a diamond or jewelry stones that are similar in appearance but different in price, spend time studying the most popular stones in jewelry production: emerald, ruby, amber, sapphire, jade and others. A real stone in a product is always a profitable investment , because products decorated with gems do not lose value over the years, only becoming more expensive.

Why are transparent stones valued?

Such minerals are of particular importance to humans:

  • The names of transparent stones number in the dozens, but in nature such minerals are found much less often than translucent and opaque ones.
  • The properties of such a stone are shine and iridescence in the light.
  • Most are classified as precious or semi-precious.
  • Decorated with royal regalia - crowns, tiaras, scepters. They are used to make parures (jewelry sets) for the nobility and financially secure citizens.
  • Collections consisting only of transparent stones are not uncommon.

A person who wants to attract attention should invest in jewelry with such an insert.

Ring with clear zircon


Black minerals emphasize the conservatism of the image. There are extravagant options, but the best compatibility of jewelry with these stones is with a classic wardrobe.

Black color is one of the most popular. The main advantage of jewelry with dark stones is that they look great even with everyday clothes. However, it is recommended to wear them no more than several times a month. Allegedly, if a person is weak in spirit, then with constant wearing, all the positive qualities of the stones will disappear.

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For men

Men should pay attention to rings and bracelets with black stones. These products emphasize the authority of a person as a decisive leader who is accustomed to taking responsibility for his actions.

Types of stones

Transparent minerals are represented in all segments of the jewelry market.


The largest group.

Includes varieties and independent minerals:

  • Diamond. Transparent stone, but to varying degrees. Clarity, classified as clarity, is a criterion when assessing the value of a diamond. White stones are considered classic.
  • Alexandrite. Pure Russian gemstone of transparent color. The property of changing color with changes in lighting, inherent in the stone, is included in mineralogy as the “Alexandrite effect.”
  • Emerald. Colombian stones are recognized as the standard.
  • Morganite. Pink mineral (in Russia called sparrowite). Rare, sometimes radioactive.
  • Ruby. The best are considered to be transparent specimens of the pigeon's blood color from Myanmar (formerly Burma).
  • Sapphire. The subject of the hunt for experts is Kashmiri stones of deep cornflower blue color. Transparent iridescent pink is equal in cost to diamonds.
  • Taaffeit. A rare mineral of lilac color. Counted individually and sold at auctions.

The prices for each type range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat.


Semi-precious stones of transparent color are found more often, in large volumes, and are affordable:

  • Aquamarine. A jewelry variety of beryl, blue-green or blue.
  • Hyacinth. The red mineral from Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka) is similar to rubies.
  • Pomegranate. Roads are green demantoid and fiery pyrope.
  • Topaz. Multicolor family. The rarest variety, the magical attribute is black. And the highest status is imperial.
  • Zircon. Semi-precious diamond duplicator. Radioactive. It can be brown, gray, colorless, green. In the latter version, the mineral is dangerous to humans.
  • Citrine. Transparent quartz of lemon yellow color.

Transparent varieties of the listed minerals are sometimes considered precious.


The only transparent mineral in the ornamental segment is rock crystal. Colorless is considered valuable; yellow or purple specimens are found.

Rock crystal in different shades


Precious and semi-precious black stones are very popular in men's and women's expensive jewelry. Due to their versatility, they can be worn with plain clothes.

The best and most valuable are included in the TOP-13 (hardness is indicated on the Mohs scale):

  • Black diamond, or carbonado
  • It is a fine-grained variety of cubic diamond, consisting of many crystals.
  • The line he draws is colorless, since he can scratch any surface.
  • The result of the structural features is incredible strength, dark color and opacity.
  • It is extremely rare to find specimens that can refract light. The transparency and brilliance of such a diamond create a fascinating play of reflections.
  • Carbonado is about 4 billion years older than the other rocks in this group.
  • Since not a single black diamond was found in the largest deposits, despite large-scale mining, a version emerged about the cosmic origin of carbonado. Scientists from America have detected very rare compounds of nitrogen and titanium in their composition, which had previously been found only in meteorites. However, in 1993, carbonado was found in Kamchatka, in volcanic rocks.
  • The largest cut black diamond weighs 489.07 carats and costs $1.7 million.
  • The highest hardness is 10.
  • Black opal
  • Additional definition is noble.
  • It is considered the most expensive of all types due to its iridescent tints. The cost depends on the number of shining colors and the purity of the entire spectrum.
  • The deposits where these ferrous minerals are found are located in developing countries where labor protection is considered insufficient. Therefore, in some deposits, development is prohibited by international organizations, which makes this type of opal even more rare.
  • Hardness - 6.
  • Black sapphires
  • They are found very rarely in nature; after 1938 they were no longer found at all.
  • The dark shade on stones offered for sale later is obtained by heat treatment. Their true color is deep purple.
  • The latest black star sapphire was found in Australia by a boy playing in the Anki field. The guy’s father propped up the door with this cobblestone for about 10 years until he realized what kind of stone he had in his hands.
  • The found sapphire subsequently ended up with jeweler Harry Kazanjian. The original weight was 1156 carats. Then, after jewelry work, the weight of the “Black Star of Queensland” became 733 carats.
  • Hardness - 9.
  • Black spinel
  • Sometimes this rare stone is called a black ruby, but this is incorrect, since the composition is different. They are united only by the fact that it can be found in the same deposit with rubies.
  • Faceted spinel has a rich, deep color and creates the illusion that the stone glows from within.
  • This “decadent” spinel is successfully used in jewelry.
  • The crown of the British Empire is decorated with a dark gem.
  • Stones are mined in Burma and deposits in Sri Lanka. Set in gold.
  • Hardness - 8.
  • Beryl black
  • The mineral still remains unnamed, unlike other types of beryl - green emerald and blue aquamarine.
  • It looks unusual: in the center it thickens to impenetrable black, and at the edges it has a soft blue color.
  • Like other beryls, it is quite fragile, but has a spectacular glass luster.
  • Does not interact with all acids except hydrofluoric acid.
  • Hardness - 8.
  • Black garnet
  • We can say that this is a collective name for black stones that belong to the same type, but are slightly different in their properties.
  • These are almandine, which has a charcoal-brown tint, and andradite, whose common name includes shorlomite and melanite.
  • In addition to its jewelry value, shorlomite has powerful magical potential. It is used by magicians for their experiments and rituals, and is also indispensable in decorations for mourning ceremonies. Since shorlomite is able to protect a person from dangers and strengthen the main qualities of a person, jewelry with it in ancient times was often worn by warriors and knights.
  • In folk medicine, shorlomite is used to treat joint pain.
  • Black opaque melanite is well processed and has a glassy luster.
  • Hardness - 7.
  • Black crystals of rutile, nigrine
  • Favorite assistants of sorcerers and fortune tellers.
  • Magicians claim that with the help of these gems they can travel through time and move vast distances in space.
  • With this mineral, psychics read thoughts and influence a person’s mental state.
  • Rutile quartz was a mandatory attribute in many rituals of the priests of the Ancient world.
  • This ornamental black stone reliably protects the owner from envy, damage and the evil eye.
  • Hardness - 6.
  • Black Pearl
  • Each of the rare pearls grown in the natural environment is rare and unique.
  • Wealthy people purchase jewelry at famous auctions.
  • Cortez pearls are dark, almost anthracite. But the Tahitian one has lighter shades, but is very large, more than 2 cm in diameter, and iridescent.
  • Currently, pearls are given a dark color using X-rays or neutron irradiation. Or they are kept for a certain time in a silver nitrate solution and then exposed to ultraviolet light.
  • The hardness of this organic mineral is 4.5.
  • Black onyx
  • This rare gemstone is a variety of chalcedony.
  • Transparent, uniform black or dark gray color.
  • The glitter can be silky or glassy.
  • Requires careful handling, as it is fragile. Chalcedony or agate of grayish shades, refined or painted black, comes into trade.
  • Hardness - 7.
  • Obsidian
  • It was born from igneous rock: a product of quickly cooled lava.
  • Judging by the color and name of this stone, no one expected anything good from it. “Devil's Claw”, “Satan's Nail” is similar to ordinary glass in its ability to split with the formation of sharp cutting or even piercing edges.
  • In ancient times, obsidian was used to make weapons and tools, sculptures for decorating homes and temples of the Aztecs and Mayans.
  • Hardness - 5.
  • Jet
  • A variety of black amber, or gesher.
  • It is considered one of the types of coal.
  • It is characterized by uniformity and high density.
  • It is obtained by transformation from ancient wood under the influence of Mesozoic or Cenozoic silt.
  • It is easy to process, even on a lathe: after polishing, its shine becomes noble.
  • It is considered a talisman for pregnant women.
  • Hardness - 3.
  • Hematite or bloodstone
  • A black stone with a hint of gore, with a metallic sheen and the ability to magnetize.
  • Now jewelers have paid attention to it, and in the Middle Ages and earlier, decorative jewelry and household items were made from it.
  • Hardness - 6.
  • Black diopside, Black Star
  • The “two-facedness” of the gem is expressed in the bright optical play of light and mother-of-pearl or glass luster.
  • Thanks to the asterism, the spark on its surface turns into a star with four rays.
  • There are stones with a cat's eye effect.
  • Hardness - 6.

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Black opal

Black gemstones

Natural stones were often used as amulets for noble people.

A person with dark jewelry looks stylish.

Various mystical properties are attributed to gems:

  • Black Diamond (When processed, this transparent black gemstone changes its name to diamond)
  • treatment of mental disorders,
  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • instills leadership in the owner and enhances positive qualities;
  • Black opal
  • improves imagination,
  • gives inspiration,
  • it is believed that this dark gem, when worn regularly, can reduce myopia;
  • Black sapphire
  • gives inner harmony,
  • has a positive effect on other people nearby.

Black diopside

Black gemstones are not for everyone. The zodiac sign is of particular importance, which will determine compatibility with the stone.

Another detail is the type of decoration. It is believed that some stones are more effective when inlaid into rings, while others reveal their full potential in necklaces or earrings. From this comes the compatibility of stones for men and women.

Semiprecious stones

Black quartz, also known as morion, is the only representative of black semi-precious stones. In the Middle Ages it was often used by magicians and alchemists; various objects were also made from it: glasses, seals, vessels.

Morion is credited with the following properties:

  • transforming negative emotions into positive ones;
  • stress relief;
  • increase in the owner’s vigor;
  • reducing grief from the loss of loved ones.

Heat treatment makes morion look like topaz, which attracts jewelers.

Black onyx

Interest in the stone increased in the 19th century, when the fashion for the occult arose. However, this had negative consequences - due to high demand, the production of artificial morions began, which no longer have useful properties. This must be taken into account when choosing a stone.

Ornamental or decorative stones

Ornamental and decorative stones include the mineral jasper, then obsidian, hematite, onyx, jet, coal agate and black amber. Each of them has its own properties and influences a person’s personality. For example:

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  • obsidian
  • helps to collect thoughts,
  • neutralizes negative thoughts and desires, redirects them in a positive direction;
  • howlite
  • gray stone with black veins improves bone health,
  • accelerates the healing of fractures,
  • increases the thirst for knowledge;
  • hematite
  • gives a feeling of security,
  • protects against rash decisions;
  • carbon agate
  • capable of absorbing negative energy,
  • can calm an attack of rage if you look at the surface of the stone for several minutes in a row;
  • onyx
  • the metallic shine of a black stone in a bright frame develops eloquence,
  • improves insight and allows you to concentrate intently on one subject.

Black garnet

Semi-precious stones look beautiful and are suitable for absolutely everyone - men and women. However, compared to precious stones, they have low durability, which explains their lack of interest among jewelers.


After professional cutting, even a semi-precious stone acquires a glassy shine and radiance. And it looks premium in jewelry. The precious frame makes it even richer.

Varieties of dark shades are appropriate in a men's wardrobe.

You can wear jewelry in sets or solo. The main thing is to take into account the effect of shine. For example, one or two pieces of jewelry with miniature inserts are enough for an office or a business meeting. At a party, date, or friendly gatherings, an expanded set of jewelry with large stones is appropriate.

The original sign of the eye stone

Some animals - cats, crocodiles, foxes - have vertical pupils. Some of the gems transform the rays falling on them into a bright glare of light, reminiscent of a vertical pupil. It is these stones that have been called eye stones since time immemorial.

Men's Forest Guardian bracelet

Mineral: tiger's eye, hawk's eye

Price: 7,600 rub.

More about the bracelet

The optical effect observed on the surface of the eye stone is called by mineralogy single-ray asterism. The appearance of a pupil-like beam is explained by the presence of many finest crystalline growths in the rock mass.

Eye of the Tiger


The edges of microscopic crystals reflect light, collecting it into an extended beam. The rounded surface of an eye stone cut into a bead or cabochon creates the effect of a noticeable broadening of the light glare - which only enhances the resemblance of the gem to living flesh.

Magic properties

Transparent crystals are traditionally considered powerful conductors of magical and other energies.

It is no coincidence that the number one magical artifact is the crystal ball. From its depths, esotericists read information about the past and future.

Other transparent minerals were conductors to the Otherworld.

Today, the potential of unturbid minerals is no less in demand. Stones clear space of negativity, clarify relationships, and help determine whether the interlocutor is honest.

In this case, the meaning is given to color:

  • Red minerals are considered masculine. Their aura is assertive, even aggressive.
  • Green-hued stones—feminine—radiate soft power. Like golden ones, they attract wealth.
  • Blue and purple gems are chosen by people focused on spiritual quest and understanding the secrets of the Universe.

Transparent crystals of all colors are considered an amulet against evil spirits, damage, and the evil eye.

They purify thoughts, making a person open.

Price for semi-precious stones

You can purchase jewelry and nuggets only in trusted places. Due to the fact that many fakes are supplied today, there is a chance that you will buy yourself a useless piece of jewelry that will not have all those magical and healing properties. Natural stones are expensive, especially some types: turquoise, jade, ruby, moonstone, amber. Approximate cost of jewelry:

Name of the stone Price, rubles
agate from 700
aventurine from 400
alexandrite from 30000
turquoise from 1500
heliodor from 2000
pomegranate from 800
jade from 300
quartz from 200
lapis lazuli from 600
malachite from 1500
nephritis from 1500
obsidian from 1000
onyx from 200
opal from 1000
sardonyx from 300
cornelian from 300
tourmaline from 1000
chalcedony from 600
chrysoberyl from 1000
amber from 2000

Zodiac stones

Astrologers distributed minerals according to the elements:

  • For emotional, ambitious representatives of the Fire group, diamond, ruby, and citrine are suitable. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be protected from rash words and actions.
  • “Earthlings” are destined for amulets made of amethyst, quartz, and chrysolite. They will protect Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn from intriguers and scammers. And they will maintain peace of mind.
  • Amethyst, garnet, and quartz are recommended for airy Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. They will become more confident and increase their vitality.
  • Suspicious Pisces, Cancers, Scorpios will find peace with aquamarines, sapphires, and emeralds.

When choosing a talisman, it is worth considering that a raw crystal is energetically more powerful. It contains more of the original strength inherent in nature. But cut diamonds, emeralds, and aquamarines look amazing.

Dreams with stones

A dream about a transparent mineral, say esotericists, promises positivity:

  • If you dream that you found precious stones in a dream, expect success in an enterprise you have been working on for a long time.
  • If you had a dream in which a person collects precious stones, an important issue will be resolved positively, and quickly and easily.
  • Earrings with an expensive transparent stone in gold portend favorable news.

Interpretation of dreams with transparent gems: good news is on the doorstep. The confusing situation will become clearer, the goal will be achieved without effort, the environment or relatives will be open and frank.

According to Vanga’s dream book, an abundance of colored iridescent crystals means receiving false information about a loved one or event. After such a dream, information must be assessed soberly, without haste or emotionality.

Artificial or natural?

It can be very difficult to distinguish natural stones from professional fakes on your own, without special equipment. Each mineral has its own authentication test, which includes research into the above and some other characteristics. Even the framing of the gem in the product plays a role: for example, a diamond is set only in gold or platinum, and its lower part remains free, since in the jewelry industry it is believed that this way the stone will shine brighter.

There are a lot of large stones in the world

The authenticity of a diamond is determined in two ways:

  • if you look at the stone from the side, the fake will not shine (it retains its shine only in frontal projection), and the natural gem will retain the depth of its shine;
  • Printed text cannot be read through a real diamond; cheap cubic zirconia, often passed off as “brilliants,” allows you to read letters without any problems.

For the most part, natural stones do not conduct heat well: when held in the hands they remain cold, while plastic and glass, even of excellent quality, quickly heat up from human heat.

Armed with a magnifying glass or microscope and knowing the characteristics of a certain stone, you can examine a suspicious gem for the presence of a characteristic pattern or, conversely, the absence of gas bubbles and veins. If you have a keen ear and have a reference stone, you can try to distinguish a fake by its sound: the pieces of glass ring thinner and higher.

And avoid massive specimens: large stones are the opposite of everything in the world and are definitely not available for free sale.

Professional appraisers and an instrumental gemological laboratory, of course, will tell you much more about the stone than you can determine for yourself by eye, hearing, or tactile sensations. In the case of synthesized stones, at the highest level of modern technology, even an experienced specialist. In addition to specialized diagnostics, even the possibility of extracting a particular type of mineral in a particular deposit is checked. Such examinations, naturally, take time and are expensive.

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