The meaning and interpretation of the Queen of Swords tarot card in layouts and in combination with other arcana of the deck

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Many researchers attribute the Queen of Swords with the qualities of an insidious villain. She is credited with being the prototype of a kind of queen-stepmother, black widow, Queen of Spades, Snow Queen. But who is she really?

One thing is certain - she has great inner strength. All descriptions of the meaning of the Queen of Swords Tarot mention this power. What does she spend it on, what does she use it for? While the Queen of Staves takes care of her morality, the Queen of Pentacles protects the wealth she has acquired, and the Queen of Cups is busy inspiring self-love, our so-called Queen of Spades is acting. Her element is Air, her suit is Swords, which in itself speaks of action.


Direct position value

Keys: high position, influence, authority. Patroness. A woman from the circle of the questioner. Hard work. Self-control. Strength of will. Insight. Good advice from a woman. Suppress emotions. Sadness. Desire to learn. That which is thought out. Flexibility in business. Freedom. Curiosity. Ideas. Equality in relationships. Sarcasm. Ambition. Self-control. Logical and thoughtful actions. Autonomous work. Restraint. Stealth. Slowness. Calm. Equilibrium. Responsibility. Insight. Confidence. Openness. Independence. Smartness. Flexibility. Consistency inside and outside. Professionalism. Determination. Knowledge.

The first sign is a woman from the circle of acquaintances of the questioner. This woman is very easy to recognize:

  • Powerful energy emanates from her.
  • Has enormous inner strength.
  • Has authority.
  • Her words are listened to.
  • Influence.
  • Bossy.

A woman's power is manifested either in official expression or in her high position, wealth or professionalism.

Help and support from a woman. It is better not to quarrel with this person, and to have friendly relations that do not oblige you to anything. This is a favorable period for you now. If you use the advice of an influential woman or simply use her connections, progress will appear in your affairs. All the advantages are on your side, do not miss this period and make the most of it.

Advice. Free yourself from illusions. Understand the situation: carefully and persistently, seek information. Keep your distance. Stand your ground. Be alert.

Interpretation when reading on the psychological state

The lasso symbolizes a strong personality that can withstand any pressure. Thanks to a high level of life experience and intelligence, a person is able to overcome any troubles in life. He calmly endures those conditions under which anyone else would break down.

A reversed card shows a person of high intelligence who is heading down the wrong path. This situation is likely due to negative aspects of the person's past that caused him to harbor a grudge against the world. Because of this, the personality acquired the desire to control everything and everyone in a negative aspect and against the will of people.

Interpretation of the inverted position

Keys: danger from a woman. Confrontation. Critic. Bad intention. Divorce, breakup. Loss. Emptiness. Rigidity. Inability to endure. Awkwardness. Vacant place. Unfilled. Absence. Hypocrisy. Duality of the standard. Deceit. Exaggeration. The desire to control everything. Your skills are used to the detriment of others. Disrespect for the law. Misconception. Inability to wait and endure. Fanaticism. Treason, betrayal. Revenge. Pettiness. Woman's anger. The enemy is smart. Despot. A pity. Mourning period. Slowness. Self-deception. Misconception. Rumors, gossip, intrigue. Laziness. Your abilities are not in demand. Change of field of activity.

You have a serious opponent in the person of a woman you know. This woman has position, authority, power and connections. All this, secretly or openly, can turn in your direction if you don’t please her in any way, or simply because she doesn’t like you.

You may be harmed in an area in which this woman has power or authority. Don't be surprised if you encounter intrigue, confrontation, insubordination, open conflict, or any kind of machinations and tricks.

Be careful and try to establish diplomatic contact in which you can agree or come to a compromise. Try not to get in the woman's way.

For a man - beware of a woman, you should not build personal or intimate relationships with her. This can end badly, both in your career and in your personal life.

The destructive influence of irrational thinking and actions. The desire to control everything leads to collapse and loss of control. Losses as a result of the inability to apply your knowledge in the right direction.

Warning. It may be worth suppressing your feelings and interest in order to show indifference.

Combinations with the Minor Arcana

In the layout, the Queen of Swords can mean a familiar woman or clarify the meaning of the Arcana lying nearby.

Suit of Staves

In Tarot decks, this suit is called differently: Clubs, Sticks, Wands. Combinations with court and digital Arcana in the table.

ArcanaInterpretation of the Arcana combination
2Opportunities missed
3Partner(s) are not trustworthy
4Separation or divorce is coming
5Court, division of property
6Loss of authority
7You will have to defend your rights in court
9Fatigue associated with long divorce proceedings
PageSad news
KnightCalm someone down
QueenQuarrel with a friend
KingFinal divorce
AceA romantic relationship with the person of interest to the querent is possible

Suit of Cups

In Tarot decks, this suit is called differently: Cups, Jugs. Combinations with court and digital Arcana in the table.

ArcanaInterpretation of the Arcana combination
2Conflict in relationships (love, business)
3The celebration will end in trouble
4Negative emotions
5Regrets about the conflict that happened
6Bad relationships left in the past
7Destroy everything in pursuit of an illusory dream
8Look for a way out in a difficult situation
9Don't play by the rules
10Conflicts in the family
PageTreating someone badly who means well
KnightNegative feelings will win
QueenThe struggle of contradictions (good, evil)
KingLack of stability
AceUnrequited love

Suit of Swords

In Tarot decks, the suit of Swords is called differently: Spades, Sabers, Swords. Combinations of the Queen of Swords with court and digital Arcana of Spades in the table.

ArcanaInterpretation of card combinations
DeuceAchieve results at any cost
TroikaInflict a wound (heart)
FourColdness in the soul
FiveAnger over losing
SixWin the conflict
SevenDon't play by the rules
EightMake a mistake
NineThe stupid things the querent has done will make you suffer
TenAggression will lead to losses
PagePlaying with fire
KnightUncontrollable aggression
KingHead tyrant
AceDefeat the enemy

Suit of Pentacles

In Tarot decks, the suit of Pentacles is called differently: Discs, Coins, Denarii, Diamonds. Combinations of the Queen of Swords card with the court and digital Arcana of Diamonds in the table.

Arcana (card)Interpretation of card combinations
DeuceA sharp turn of fate
TroikaNew colleague, partner
FourAccumulation (finance, body resources)
FiveTo loss (finance, health)
SixReward for work, new position
SevenA period of stagnation in business and development
EightProblems with boss at work
NineMutual love, woman dominates the house
PageLots of money in hands, fraud
KnightProspects for later life, suppression of desires
QueenMen's betrayal, women's stubbornness
KingWidowhood or divorce
AceTo wealth

Most often, the Queen of Swords falls to single (widowers, divorced) and childless people. It is called a bachelor card. If the querent is a family member, and the card comes up in the layout, then there is no love in the family, the spouses are cold to each other. The woman has a rival.

Queen of Swords in Relationships

The Queen of Swords in love and relationships is a woman of her word. Once she has decided that you are her person, or vice versa, she sticks to that decision. If you are trying to connect with such a girl, you must be quite intelligent. A witty sense of humor and can help you.

If you hurt the Queen of Swords, she may cry for about five minutes, and then she will find other things to think about.

She will not sit and wonder where and what her previous lovers are doing. This type of woman has her mind over her heart and will quickly cut you out of her love life if she feels she has become emotional.

The Queen of Swords does not bode well for romantic meanings. She indicates that you are a friend.

Straight position. Summing up the relationship. It came to think about the advisability of continuing the existing connection. It is worth looking at the relationship from the outside, through the eyes of your partner, and understanding what is bothering you and what is preventing you from moving on.

During this period, all the shortcomings of both partners may be revealed. The extreme case is rupture. There is disagreement, scandals, and cooling of feelings in the couple. One of the partners joined this relationship out of pure calculation and benefit for himself.

The card may fall out to single people who do not want to start a relationship.

Inner experiences, hiding emotions, feelings that will never be revealed.

Inverted position. Selfishness, possessiveness, envy.
Most often, the card shows that you have an ill-wisher who wants to upset your relationship. This could be someone from the circle of friends, a lover, or just a homewrecker.

Combinations with the Major Arcana

The Temperance card in combination with the Queen of Swords means the need for solitude, which is necessary to restore peace of mind after any shocks. The court is to recover from losses. Wheel of Fortune - trouble. Hermit - solitude. Magic is the stage of project implementation. Arcana explaining relationships:

  • Lovers - speaks of the end of a love relationship.
  • Hanged Man - a loved one will betray (betrayed).
  • The sun is to help a lonely person.
  • Tower - parting with the division of property.
  • Death - becoming a widow (widower).
  • Justice is the beginning of the divorce process.
  • The Emperor is a divorce (official).
  • The devil is a cunning woman.

Combinations of the Major Arcana with the Queen of Swords, characterizing the querent.

  • Jester - conscious refusal of motherhood or infertility.
  • Peace - lofty ideals will triumph.
  • The moon is a disease.
  • The star is the desire to get married.
  • Strength is aggression.
  • Chariot - persistence in implementing plans.
  • Hierophant - cruelty.
  • The Empress is the rejection of motherhood.
  • High Priestess - not taking into account desires, refusing a calling.

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Queen of Swords at work

Straight position. Highly professional, you know your business well. Confidence in yourself and your actions. Confidence in decisions made. Ability to be tough when necessary. Diplomacy. Ability to negotiate and achieve mutual understanding. Resolving conflict by finding a compromise.

Knowledge of your business, enjoyment of work. A person prefers to be silent and listen, observe and analyze, rather than take active action.

If a person is no longer satisfied with his place of work or the company’s obligations are not fulfilled, then the person can easily leave this place or refuse to agree to work for this company.

Advice. Act openly. Don't be afraid to be proactive and clearly state your position. Don't compromise if it goes against your principles or is to your detriment.

Inverted position. Fraud from colleagues, gossip, quarrels with the team. Danger of being laid off. The accusation is not deserved. If you are looking for a job, then you will have to fight with competitors for a place, of which there are not many.

Interpretation of the reversed Queen of Swords card

The man was surrounded by a strong woman, characterized by vindictiveness and a desire to discredit him in order to gain his social status or position. But the beginning of a difficult life stage should not deprive an individual of positive emotions and warm feelings.

The inverted card of the Lady of Swords will say that in the near future you can expect a disrespectful attitude from others. Attempts at manipulation or attempts on the part of the fairer sex to drag a person into a scandal or take revenge on him are possible. Therefore, you cannot lose your vigilance and you need to carefully monitor your every word and action.

Queen of Swords about the current situation

Straight position. Your affairs will be completed successfully. But it is worth remembering that no matter how well everything goes, there is always a person who wants to do harm. The Queen of Swords directly points to a woman from your environment. Communication with different people, maintaining connections in various fields and areas. The situation is stable and under strict control.

Willingness to deal with difficult situations. Willingness, if necessary, to enter into open conflict and prove one’s position, to defend one’s place. Directing forces towards quickly achieving results. Ability to negotiate and make arguments.

Insight and inspiration for ideas, illusions that are dispelled by common sense, analysis of the situation and assessment of one’s strengths and resources. Thanks to this, an action plan is drawn up and everything is carried out consistently and under control.

Advice for men. Now is not the time to trust a woman and enter into any relationship, be it partnership or personal.

Advice for women. Don't trust your friends, don't tell them about your problems - this can work against you.

On a note:

Rely on your mind and intuition. Then your chances of successfully accomplishing what you want or completing the task increase.

It is worth considering that all matters or decisions on the situation can be made with delay, caution and after carefully weighing all the pros and cons. You should not try to speed up this process; everything can lead to the fact that the decision will not be made.

If something is holding you back, then try to understand what it is and throw everything away as far as possible. Take action. You have enough strength, there are favorable opportunities, and you also have enough resources to fulfill your plans. Live and act exactly the way you want and like. Listen to your inner voice, it will tell you what to do right.

Inverted position. Be careful, there is an ill-wisher in your circle. A person who may prevent you from realizing your plans. Absent-mindedness and prejudice, everything falls out of hand, inability to collect thoughts and continue to act. Lack of favorable opportunities. There is no solution for the issue. There is no prospect of development. You stand still, delays. Dissatisfaction, disappointment. Abilities are not in demand. Perhaps you should change your occupation and look for recognition in another place or field of activity.

Ideas for understanding the Queen of Swords:

  1. The mind rules over the emotional sphere.
  2. Courage.
  3. Efficiency and effect.
  4. Saving.

Questions for analyzing the situation after the Queen of Swords card appears in the layout:

  • Why are you avoiding relationships?
  • What is the maximum efficiency? In what actions does this manifest itself?
  • The price of your sadness?
  • What is the value of sadness?
  • You know how to listen and hear. Learn to speak.


The Queen of Swords is the Queen of Spades in the Tarot deck. She personifies a strong, educated person with emotional burden and outstanding analytical skills. Often the card denotes a woman who is emotionally connected to the fortuneteller - a lover, mother, daughter, sister.


In addition to the fact that the card represents a wise middle-aged woman, it also portends a test, a loss that gives a person a useful but painful life lesson. Arkan speaks of readiness for conflict, clarification of relationships, discovery of the truth and control of the fortuneteller over the situation. The Queen of Swords speaks of strong emotional experiences, a certain catharsis that is to be experienced.

In the Thoth Tarot deck, the card represents confidence, intelligence, and independence.

Arcanum means clarifying a situation, revealing a secret, or removing rose-colored glasses. The situation pushes a person to take decisive and reasonable actions. Although the card represents emotional unrest, it encourages you to remain independent and act by listening to the voice of your mind, not your heart.


In an inverted position, the Queen of Swords often denotes an unprincipled enemy who threatens the well-being of the fortuneteller and has a negative impact on him. This card is especially dangerous for women - it speaks of the revenge of a rejected man who wants to get his own at any cost.

This position of the card also speaks of abuse of power, excessive control and fear of losing it. Unsatisfied ambitions, disappointment, old grievances often lead a person to the wrong path of errors and vices.

An inverted card denotes the destructive behavior of the fortuneteller, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, and the ability to commit a crime (in particular, murder).

Queen of Swords in combination with the suit of swords

With an ace. Difficulties on the love front. A union of two equal or strong individuals.

With a deuce. Excessive independence. Reluctance to pay attention to the feelings of others.

With a three. Disappointment.

With four. Calm. Planning your actions.

With an A. Unhappiness in love. Neglect.

With six. The emergence of new opportunities. An influential man.

With seven. Unclear rivalry. Nebula of plans.

With eight. Calculation in relationships.

With nine. Misfortune.

With ten. Give up everything.

With a page. Betrayal. Change your type of activity.

With a knight. A break up. A person pretends to be someone other than who he really is.

With the king. Rival. Loneliness.

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