Meeting a woman with an empty bucket: what do folk beliefs say?

What is the sign?

There are signs that not only superstitious people react to. Even a person who deeply disbelieves in “all these signs” tenses up slightly and feels mental discomfort at the sight of a woman with an empty bucket. Popular beliefs give an empty bucket in the hands of a woman the ability to take away luck, financial well-being and positive energy from the person she meets. In return, a person may end up with financial problems, conflicts at work, and useless hassles.

Where did she come from?

Attention. Almost all folk signs about a woman with an empty bucket are interpreted negatively. Whereas the man in this belief does not pose any threat to oncoming passers-by, and his empty bucket will be regarded as a simple warning.

The ancient Hindus were the first to note this pattern. They believed that a woman takes and consumes energy, and a man, on the contrary, gives his.

A woman's intention to fill an empty bucket is powerful, and as a result, a woman may unknowingly fill it with the energy of an unsuspecting passerby.

These beliefs have taken root in Rus' almost unchanged. Here, too, an empty bucket was associated with failure, material difficulties and poverty. Therefore, people always tried to fill them or throw at least a coin or a few grains. People in the villages tried not to get in the way of a woman walking through the water with a rocker on her shoulders. But meeting her on the way back with full buckets, and even looking into them, was considered a good omen.

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Sign - a man with an empty bucket

Popular beliefs associate an empty bucket with failure, difficulties and poverty. People say that if it is in a residential area, then this is a bad sign: a harbinger of financial losses, conflicts at work and difficulties in business. A household item such as a bucket must be full. And even when buying it, you should immediately put a couple of coins or a handful of grain on the bottom. This way, the container will no longer be empty, and accordingly, you will not bring trouble and misfortune into your home.

What can folk beliefs tell about a meeting with a person in whose hands there was an empty container?

  • If someone walks right in front of you with an empty bucket, be it a woman or a man, then the omen in this case promises a lot of trouble, unnecessary work that will not bring profit or any other positive result.
  • There is another interpretation: people say that such a meeting promises financial difficulties.
  • Walking down the street, you heard the clink of containers - expect bad news.
  • If a man with a container with nothing in it crossed a woman’s path, he took away her luck for the whole day.
  • If you saw a person with unfilled containers passing under your balcony, this is a good sign. Pleasant changes in life await you.
  • If you heard the clink of containers outside your window - to unexpected joy. An outsider will help you solve your problems.

It is worth remembering that an omen is considered bad only if you meet a person before lunch. In such a situation, it is better to postpone all matters until tomorrow and go home to rest - today your plans will not come true, no matter how much effort you put into it.

Interpretation of signs

A more accurate interpretation of the sign depends on many nuances:

  • Times of Day. If the morning begins with such a meeting, it is better to immediately cancel everything that was planned and safely return home. This will be the most prudent thing to do and will help you avoid trouble.
  • Meeting a woman with an empty bucket during the daytime means quarrels in the family and conflicts at work. In the same bucket, good luck in a started business can “go”, which will ultimately end in failure.
  • As evening approaches, the sign takes on a completely opposite meaning. An empty bucket in the hands of a woman walking towards you takes away all the negative energy and negative emotions accumulated during the day.
  • The direction of the woman's movement. This detail is of greater importance if the lady is of advanced age.
      When she moves towards a passerby, he should be wary of financial losses and other troubles.
  • Goes ahead - useless efforts are likely.
  • And if this elderly lady crosses the path, she takes with her the luck and positive energy of the unlucky passerby.
  • Important. If the main character of the sign about a woman with an empty bucket crossed the path of the driver of any vehicle, there is a high probability of an accident.

  • Location. Watching a woman walking with an empty bucket from a balcony or out a window means some kind of change in life and unexpected support.
  • Man, woman or grandma

    Most of the superstitions about a woman with an empty bucket actually have a negative wording. It is believed that a woman is able to take away someone’s luck or part of the positive energy. And she will hide it in the container that is currently in her hands.

    • The sign about a woman with an empty bucket that you met on your way suggests that the business or enterprise that you have in mind is absolutely meaningless. Therefore, you should not waste any time or effort on it.
    • If a woman crosses your path at dusk, then the interpretation of the belief changes radically - in the evening, such a meeting will help you get rid of the negative energy accumulated during the day.
    • When you look out the window and see an aunt with empty buckets passing near your house, beware of trouble. A conflict may occur: a quarrel with your husband, with your children, or you will receive bad news from your place of work.
    • And at the same time, there is another sign that says that a woman with empty buckets passing by your window promises a new stage in life. Your potential is now at a very high level, and at the same time you will receive support from unexpected sources.

    If you meet a man with an empty bucket on your way, then the omen interprets this exclusively as a good sign. He will not be able to take away either your energy or luck and, in general, does not pose any danger, no matter what time of day it happens. An empty bucket in the hands of a man is just a warning.

    Now it is better for you to refrain from rash actions and think before you say anything.

    What does such a phenomenon mean in a dream?

    Sometimes it happens that a woman with an empty bucket appears in a dream. The interpretation of such dreams depends on who dreamed about this lady:

    • For a girl, such a dream foretells an early marriage and a happy family life.
    • For a man - a blockage or emergency at work. Another interpretation is hard work and little reward for the work done.
    • If in a dream you have to carry such a burden yourself, then in reality problems may arise that you will have to solve yourself without anyone’s help.

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    What if you met a man?

    Many people have probably thought about what the promise of a man with an empty bucket is? The answer to the question is extremely simple. The thing is that female energy is incredibly strong, and finding a man with the same level of energy is quite difficult.

    By nature, representatives of the stronger sex are more honest and straightforward, and they are unlikely to have the need to steal someone's happiness or luck.

    If you meet a man with an empty container, there is no need to worry; he poses absolutely no danger both in the morning and during the day. The sign says that meeting a representative of the stronger sex with a filled container promises a person success and pleasant emotions. A full bucket carries true happiness and good luck.

    Popular belief also applies to self-containing containers.

    • An empty bucket left in the corridor promises the owner financial losses or difficulties in work.
    • If you managed to see a woman with a container with nothing in it through the window, then you should expect a completely new stage in life. At this time, help will come from the most unexpected personalities, and your own potential will increase significantly.
    • Seeing a woman or man with an empty bucket while standing on a balcony means good luck will soon come to life. Moreover, such luck will last for a very long time.

    Some experts in the field of magic claim that every person with an empty container who crosses the path of a representative of the fair sex promises bad luck for the whole day.

    How to neutralize a belief?

    People perceive this belief in different ways. Some joke and almost immediately forget about such a meeting. But those for whom this belief is always fulfilled take the issue of “safety precautions” very seriously. But not every person, having met a woman with an empty bucket, can afford to turn around and go back home. If a person finds himself in such a situation on the way to work, it is unlikely that management will consider such a reason to be valid.

    In such cases, you need to know how to neutralize possible options for the execution of the sign:

    • To pass or overtake a woman.
    • Cross yourself three times and move on.
    • Ask the woman to wait a little and not cross the path.
    • Asking a lady to put something in an empty container and cross the path will radically change the whole situation to the opposite. The day will be successful and productive.

    Important. As a woman, you need to remember the sign of the woman with an empty bucket, so as not to become a cause of discomfort for people.

    The driver in such a situation must strictly follow the traffic rules. Be calm, pay close attention to the road and wear your seat belts. Warn your passengers of possible danger. The advice to cross the middle and ring fingers of the right hand may be effective, but it is not entirely technically feasible when driving a car. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to the increased security mode.

    Knowing all the interpretations of this folk sign can help a person avoid various problems and troubles. But you shouldn’t completely build your destiny relying only on superstitions. It is necessary for every person to be attentive to everything that happens, to hear and see the world around him, regardless of his beliefs.

    If the bucket is full

    Anyone who believes in omens needs to know why the container should be filled. A bucket of water, on the contrary, attracts good luck and success. If a person has planned something and met a girl with something filled with something, then everything planned will come true.

    There are the following interpretations of signs:

    • seeing a woman with a filled bucket from the window, you can prepare for good changes and events;
    • the meeting of any person with full buckets is considered a harbinger of good luck and prosperity;
    • Having seen a woman with filled containers before the trip, you can be sure that there will be no incidents on the road;
    • By knocking over a bowl of water, you can expect good changes in the near future.

    Meeting a woman with empty buckets is considered a bad omen, so it is better to avoid such people. In addition, it is not allowed to keep unfilled containers in your home, but rather throw them outside. Our ancestors have accumulated a lot of experience in the form of superstitions, which should not be neglected. Sometimes they help to avoid various troubles and big problems in life.

    Interpretation of signs

    Depending on the situation, one or another sign can be defined in different ways. Or rather, the circumstances accompanying the sign will deepen and clarify the meaning of superstition, making it less vague.

    For example, a person goes to work or to an important meeting and sees a woman with an empty bucket on his way, such a meeting indicates that things at work or the upcoming meeting will not be successful and will be a waste of time. However, what to do in such a situation? Is it really worth turning around and going home right away, canceling meetings? If there is a possibility for cancellation, then folk signs advise doing just that. This will be much better than subsequently restoring relationships with work colleagues and business relationships.

    If it is not possible to cancel the meeting, folk signs recommend crossing yourself three times and moving to the other side of the road. This way you can protect yourself from the negative impact of the energy of a woman carrying an empty bucket. Folk omens always resort to prayer and baptism when faced with evil spirits and negative influences.

    Empty buckets as a symbol of development and prosperity

    Archive of newspaper No. 25 (347)



    Alexander Topilin

    3726 0 0 0 0 0 0


    The sad “miracles” of the Baltai water supply system will soon make residents believe in evil spirits

    Some experts in folk omens believe that a woman who goes for water with empty buckets is able to take energy from those around her. When a woman goes home with full buckets, she is completely “balanced” and poses no danger. In short, empty buckets mean failure in business. You can also look at the calendar and find out that this is already the 21st century, and carrying water in buckets along the street has sunk into oblivion. But that was not the case. We were convinced of this while driving through the streets of one of the regional centers of our region - the village of Baltai. The villagers vied with each other to say that water in their homes was a luxury.

    It seems to exist, but it is presented according to a very strange space-time scheme, as if trying to deceive everyone. During the day it may look like this: for one or two hours there is water on one side of the street, one or two hours on the other, then this street is turned off with happiness for the rest of the day, and the water goes to the other end of the village, where it is also present for a short time - an hour and a half. Then she disappears completely, only to appear later in the evening in the satellite village of Sadovka - again for only an hour. And that's enough.

    Such water maneuvers may occur in reverse order, or may not occur at all. Sanitary and technical miracles are also observed here: along the street and, accordingly, on one water supply branch there are a number of houses, and water, bypassing half of the households, enters there extremely selectively - after one or two, and every day in a different way. Residents are already beginning to believe in evil spirits and will soon worship pagan gods. Let's say Veles. He was responsible for water flows among the ancient Slavs. I prayed and the water came. But it was lost from a neighbor, and maybe all over the street. You can also make sacrifices to the Vodyanoy. I crushed the loaf into a puddle and in the evening I washed myself in the bathhouse.

    Residents of Baltai, who are richer, drill wells, but this is very rare. This is how they live, although there are quite enough water reserves in the village and around it - a lot of springs and a river.

    The water supply system in the village also supplies clay to the villagers’ homes. Before my eyes, an elderly man unscrewed the filter casing at the entrance of the water pipe into the house and shook out a good half of a bucket of clay from it. It accumulates in just a week, although water is supplied for an hour a day. Very high efficiency. You can sculpt whistles from clay, and life will become more fun.

    Some residents of Baltai are trying to ask district and other authorities questions about the role and place of local governments in matters of creating comfortable living conditions for the population. They even dare to write letters. The significant silence of their superiors hints to them that the lot of Baltai women is to wander sadly with empty buckets a hundred or even two hundred meters from their home gate, bringing bad luck to oncoming pedestrians and drivers.

    But in general, the village and region are actively developing, prospering and moving on the right path. Towards a woman with empty buckets. The Baltai authorities don’t believe in omens!

    Possible situations

    The sign can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the circumstances.

    1. A man saw a woman with an empty bucket on the way to work - the planned activities were doomed to failure. If a meeting was planned, it will also not bring results. Relationships with colleagues will deteriorate sharply. The day ahead is a waste of time.
    2. A man encountering a woman with an empty bucket while he is driving is a sign of an accident. There is a risk of getting into an accident. The sign applies not only to a car, but also to any other vehicle - tractor, bus, etc.

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