Leo woman born in the year of the snake. Compatibility in love of a Leo-Snake man. Horoscope of a Leo man - snakes in marriage

  • Anyone born between July 23 and August 22 is a Leo.
  • Years of the Snake: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025.
  • The hallmark of their life is their self-confidence.
  • The Leo Snake woman is a born leader, always pursuing success.
  • You will need to have unlimited patience with the Leo Snake man.

Leo Snakes have that sensitive ability to forgive and care for others, of course, without exaggeration, because they will treat the people around them the same way they prefer to be treated.

Snake Man - Compatibility

According to the compatibility horoscope, it is not easy for the Snake man to find the woman of his dreams. And he spends quite a lot of time searching, and before he makes the final choice, he will experience many hobbies.

Snake men are happy when the call of their soul coincides with sexual attraction, since they do not know how to separate one from the other.

A man born in the year of the Snake knows very well what kind of partner he needs. Therefore, he should trust his heart and build his marriage on the basis of prudence.

A man born in the year of the Snake has incredible charm and subtle manners. And if he is not perfect, then at least he is convinced that he is perfection itself. The Snake man places great importance on his body and takes pride in nurturing and training it. He carefully monitors his appearance and has something to show.

By the way, this man can easily be spotted on the beach, where he will defiantly take off his shirt to show off his amazing torso and show off his impeccable biceps, triceps and other reliefs.

This man is also very picky about things. He prefers quality things and pays attention to prestigious brands. In general, the Snake man shows through his clothing and behavior style how strong and rich he is. He enjoys wearing a diamond clip on his tie and a gold signet on his finger. He loves to appear in the company of a gorgeous woman in a luxurious car.

But, brilliant and contentedly vain, the Snake man prefers to stand aside in company. He takes a comfortable position and scans everyone with his eyes. He has good intuition and can learn a lot about the person he just met.

He is not only very handsome, romantic and passionate, but also has an incomparable sense of humor, thanks to which he is a huge success among women. This is a real Don Juan, who loves to flirt and treats sexual relationships with ease.

He may have a stormy sex life, but once he starts a family, he will never leave it. Unlike the Dragon man, the Snake man takes family ties very seriously and values ​​them. He will slowly seduce the woman he likes and wrap himself around her until she is captured by his charm.

In general, the Snake man is close to an ideal partner, and he can have good compatibility with many women and he always puts the interests of his family above his own. The main thing is that the chosen one matches his level of education, financial situation and temperament.

In a family, a Snake man can become a real support for all its members. He is initially aimed at mutual understanding and tries with all his might to create a comfortable environment in the house. His wife knows that they can rely on him no matter what happens, and the children are confident that their father will never refuse help.

True, the Snake man does not like to do housework, he is too lazy for that.

But, if a woman shows worldly wisdom and manages to inspire him to work, then he will cope with all matters flawlessly.

The ideal option would be if a woman immediately after the registry office distributes all family responsibilities, otherwise it may happen that she will bear the entire burden of household chores on herself.

The Snake man is very jealous, loves to feel like the center of the Universe and wants the woman to belong entirely to him. Even if he feels that he has already stopped loving his partner, it is still difficult for him to let her go.

Preserving the family is the most painful place for a man born in the year of the Snake. He will try in one way or another to fetter his partner and make it almost impossible to separate. If something doesn’t suit him in his family life, it’s easier for him to start another family on the side and make sure the woman never finds out about it than to file for divorce.

In general, if a Snake man has fallen in love with you, then know that expelling him from your life will be incredibly difficult, and sometimes even dangerous. He will fight for his property by any means, and if he still loses, he will definitely take revenge sooner or later. Either to you, or to the one because of whom, in his opinion, he lost you.

The Snake man is a little cold with children, he doesn’t babysit or play with them much, but since heirs are an indispensable attribute of a family nest, he will provide for them all and help them get back on their feet. In general, the Snake man is able to make a full bowl in his home, a real treasure repository.

Snake man compatibility with women

The most ideal wife for a Snake man can be a woman born in the year of the Ox, Rooster or Dragon. The Tiger woman will provoke quarrels and will never appreciate the sophistication of the Snake man's thinking. But with a Pig (Boar) woman, a happy family is unlikely to happen.

Snake Man – Rat Woman

The compatibility of a pair of Snake man and Rat woman cannot be called ideal. Very often their relationship can be considered a real test for both partners.

This union brings together two very ambitious and aggressive partners who will spend their whole lives in search of new goals and prospects. Sometimes their partnership can turn into real rivalry and will be accompanied by jealousy and envy.

Both the Snake man and the Rat woman are very calculating and jealous of both their own successes and the successes of their partner, they notice even each other’s small weaknesses.

Perhaps intuition warns them of possible disagreements, since at the first meeting they do not make any impression on each other, but, over time, they find many common topics for conversation...>>Snake man - Rat woman compatibility

Snake Man – Ox Woman

The compatibility of a pair of Snake man and Ox woman can be called almost ideal. Each spouse is confident that they made the right choice, despite a number of minor shortcomings in each other.

The Snake man and the Ox woman will be united by similarity of temperament, prudence and similarity of life aspirations, which allows them to effectively use the talents given by nature to achieve heights professionally, achieve good material well-being and create a strong family home.

Both spouses are caring, responsible, practical, value family and home, easily solve various difficulties and are ready to do anything for the benefit of the children...>>Snake man - Ox woman compatibility

Snake Man – Tiger Woman

The union of a Snake man and a Tiger woman is very complex. The couple cannot understand each other, and they have to go through many trials to save the family. It will be especially difficult for the Snake man, since he is jealous, suspicious and will try to place the freedom-loving Tiger woman next to him, in his hole.

And she really loves to be the center of attention in noisy companies, to receive attention and appreciation from others, unlike the Snake man, who loves peace and quiet. The Tiger woman wants to feel freedom, and not the suffocating embrace of her husband...

>>Snake man – Tiger woman compatibility

Snake Man – Cat Woman (Rabbit)

The family union of a Snake man and a Cat (Rabbit) woman can be considered good and promising. Partners know how to feel each other and give their chosen one what he needs, not only materially, physically, but also spiritually.

In this union, the spouses achieve emotional harmony due to their mutual desire for social life, sophistication, and romance. When paired, they help to reveal their talents and enhance each other’s positive sides.

Both the Snake man and the Cat (Rabbit) woman are quite independent individuals, they respect the opinion of their partner and do not claim the personal freedom of their spouse...>>Snake man - Cat (Rabbit) woman compatibility

Snake Man – Dragon Woman

The family union of a Snake man and a Dragon woman can be considered quite successful and favorable. This partnership has good prospects for creative growth, career and financial well-being of the family. The Dragon Woman is bright, bold, impulsive, mysterious, extraordinary.

She is able to make important, fateful decisions in a few seconds and in one second change the plans that she has been making for several months. And the Snake man is gentle and mystically inclined, sometimes with outbursts of jealousy, and is very harmonious in his relationship with the emotional Dragon woman...

>>Snake man – Dragon woman compatibility

Snake Man – Snake Woman

The family union of a Snake man and a Snake woman is fraught with many contradictions. Both spouses have similar characters, which allows them to understand each other, but at the same time there is no opportunity for growth, since both are energetically on the same floor.

This marriage rarely allows you to expand your spiritual horizons or somehow radically renew your life. As a rule, both the Snake man and the Snake woman preach an independent philosophy of life. They can live together without love, being bound by common creative aspirations or material plans.

In search of fame or financial well-being, they can be ruthless...>>Snake man - Snake woman compatibility

Snake Man – Horse Woman

The compatibility of a Snake man and a Horse woman cannot be called ideal. The union has many difficulties. The spouses are quite different and their views on life are very different, so when they quarrel, reaching a compromise is quite problematic for them.

The Snake man is prudent, tenacious and strong-willed. He likes to make long-term plans and develop behavioral strategies. And the eccentric, active and enterprising Horse woman bases her actions on intuition and is guided more by emotions than by reason...>>Snake Man - Horse Woman compatibility

Snake Man – Goat (Sheep) Woman

The compatibility of a pair of Snake man and Goat (Sheep) woman is quite favorable, although very far from ideal. The Snake man is very strong, and even sometimes aggressive, and the Goat (Sheep) woman is a sensitive, gentle and complex person. It will not always be pleasant for him to be around her.

In this union, he may feel constrained and even burdened. The Snake man is prone to over-analytical thinking and this shocks his realistic and emotional Goat (Sheep) wife. He also demands unquestioning submission from the Goat woman and she will have to be more obedient than she imagined...

>>Snake man – Goat (Sheep) woman compatibility

Snake Man – Monkey Woman

The family union of a Snake man and a Monkey woman is quite complex, more like a duel of two temperaments.

The will and strategy of the Snake man in this partnership collides with the cunning and unusual and unexpected actions that the Monkey woman is capable of.

With her behavior and emotional instability, she infuriates the Snake man, and he, in turn, does his best to limit her creative manifestations, communication and all activity...>>Snake man - Monkey woman compatibility

Snake Man – Rooster Woman

The family union of a Snake man and a Rooster woman in the Eastern horoscope is one of the best. This is a very effective and successful partnership, since it unites intelligent, prudent and success-oriented signs.

The Rooster woman is capable of fulfilling the role of an impeccable housewife and implementer of her husband’s ideas and plans. He, in turn, is like the brain center of every business or creative operation aimed at success...

>>Snake man – Rooster woman compatibility

Snake Man – Dog Woman

The union of a Snake man and a Dog woman is quite promising, although it contains both mutual admiration for each other and a difference in temperament, which gives rise to problems in relationships.

The Snake man is naturally endowed with excellent intuition, a cold-blooded, prudent character. The Dog Woman is idealistic, trusting and faithful.

They have the opportunity to compensate for the weak qualities of their characters and enhance the positive aspects and creative potential of the individual...>>Snake Man - Dog Woman compatibility

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Features of a male character

The guy is in dire need of praise from loved ones, which flatters his pride. These people love to be the center of attention, but never resort to cheap tricks to achieve this goal.

The Snake gives Leo's character solidity and stops all possible cheap tricks. As a result, he attracts the interest of others with respectable statements or spectacular actions.

Men are leaders in any team. They prefer to work in leadership positions. Despite the attendant success in their careers, they are rarely able to amass significant capital. And all because of their irrepressible extravagance - such people love to dress beautifully, eat deliciously and have fun.

Snake and Snake: compatibility of women and men in love and marriage

The compatibility of the Snake and the Snake is very successful, not only because they are representatives of the same sign, but also because these people have common goals in life and the same dreams.
It is very rare when a couple has people of the same Chinese horoscope sign and everything is fine with them. Snakes need to appreciate their unusual compatibility. Next, we will look at the characteristics of a man born in the year of the Snake, as well as the character of a woman of the same year.

We will also take a detailed look at the compatibility of two representatives of this creeping sign of the eastern horoscope in marriage and love, as well as in friendship and in professional activities.

Snake partners have common goals and desires

The Snake man is looking for one and his beloved

Men born in the year of the Snake have enormous charm. They are always courteous and sweet. Such a man can easily attract the attention of a woman and knows how to impress the opposite sex. He always has a lot of fans. By nature, he is not a predator, but he knows how to attract the attention of women. It's always interesting to talk to him and there's something to talk about.

The Snake man, deep down in his soul, dreams of pure and eternal love and is constantly looking for the one and only in the crowd. It is rare that this man can be ideally compatible with any sign of the eastern horoscope in love and marriage. But with a representative of his own sign, that is, with a Snake woman, this man can find a common language and build a strong marriage.

Men of the following zodiac signs can give special tenderness and fidelity in relationships:

  1. Calf;
  2. Virgo;
  3. Aquarius;
  4. Fish;
  5. Cancer;
  6. Scales.

Snake Woman: Her Characteristics

The Snake woman does not exchange for men

This woman knows how to win a man’s heart and skillfully uses her gift. She has her own unique style of clothing and always looks chic. This woman has a sharp mind and wisdom.

People often turn to her for advice. And she is able to give truly practical recommendations and share her life experience with other people.

She can tell a person how to act in a difficult situation.

There are always many gentlemen around a woman born in the year of the Snake, but she is looking for her only man, with whom she dreams of linking her destiny forever. She is rarely compatible with anyone and is in no hurry to get married. A man of the same Chinese horoscope sign as her would be ideal for her.

In marriage, such a woman is very patient and is accustomed to the fact that she will give herself entirely to the family, and will not think about taking anything for herself from household members.

She does not tolerate betrayal and betrayal, so we do not advise you to offend a representative of this sign, otherwise she will sting you painfully or even grind you into powder, figuratively speaking.

Women of the following zodiac signs are especially passionate and jealous:

  1. Scorpion;
  2. Sagittarius;
  3. A lion;
  4. Aries;
  5. Twins.

Snake Man and Snake Woman: Compatibility in Love

A great relationship can be hampered by aggressive partners

The union of two Snakes is very successful and their family can turn out to be strong. Both partners know what they want from life and understand each other perfectly.

The Snake man has finally met his one and only woman in the person of the Snake girl, and his partner sees in this man her prince on a white horse. They care deeply about each other and try to have fun.

The woman in this couple always tries to look great and she does this only for her partner, to please him.

The problem can only arise due to excessive depression of both partners. If they both fall into depression, then there will be no difficulties.

They will be able to be sad together, watching another sad movie about love and eating popcorn or cakes.

But if one of the partners falls into depression, then the second one will have a hard time, because a sad Snake can ruin everyone’s mood and it is better not to approach it, so as not to provoke a scandal.

A family where a husband and wife were born in the year of the Snake do not listen to other people’s advice, because they themselves know perfectly well how to live in marriage. They can give practical and valuable advice to others. The compatibility of the Snake and the Snake is so good that representatives of this sign can live a long and happy family life with each other without betrayal and lies.

Both partners know how to make money and are not afraid of hard work. They manage to save up the required amount for a major purchase and set aside some savings for their old age.

These two will never need anything and their children will be provided with everything they need. They will travel a lot because they can afford it financially.

Their marriage will be built solely on love, and not on selfishness and profit. Love makes this union strong and happy.

Snake woman and Snake man: Horoscope of compatibility in friendship and work

The friendship of two Snakes can develop into love

Friendship between representatives of this sign, as well as compatibility in marriage, is very good. They understand each other and know each other's pain points. These friends will never betray or set each other up. They are capable of mutual assistance and tremendous support. They will always defend the opinion of their friend in everything.

But such friendship has one peculiarity. And it lies in the fact that this couple can turn from friends into a family. The fact is that a spark of love can flare up between two Snakes of the opposite sex almost immediately after meeting, and they will not be able to be friends for a long time. Over time, their friendship will still develop into true love.

But a woman and a man born in the year of the fiery Snake can work together, and they do it well. Here, the matter does not always end in a love relationship, but sympathy can still arise if both partners have not yet managed to start a family. If they are married, they are unlikely to cheat.

This is the compatibility of a woman and a man born in the year of the Snake. We hope that this article was useful to you and you will definitely use the information received from it in your life.

Source: https://privorogi.ru/astrologiya/sovmestimost-znakov/po-kitajskomu-kalendaryu/zmeya-i-zmeya.html

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